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Even if it’s just a strange noise from your furnace, delaying a diagnosis from a professional technician could cost you in the long run.

No one wants to be stuck in the dead of winter with a broken furnace! Santa Fe Air is here to give some advice on DIY troubleshooting to help people decide if they need to call in professional help for home furnace repair. ( There’s never any shame in needing backup 😉)

Common Furnace Repair Problems

Your furnace keeps turning off and on

  • Change your air filter. A clogged filter can restrict airflow and cause the heat exchanger to overheat and shut off the burners.
  • Open all air ducts and vents in the home. Closed vents can add unnecessary pressure to the system and cause it to overheat and shut off.
  • Check your exhaust vent to make sure it’s not blocked. These outdoor vents (sometimes located on top of your roof–be careful!) can get clogged with outdoor debris such as leaves, nests, and other items.

Your furnace is blowing out cold air

  • Check that your thermostat is set correctly; the fan should be set to AUTO, and the thermostat set to HEAT.
  • Check/change your air filter. A clogged filter can limit the amount of air the system can intake and overheat the heat exchanger, causing it to not work properly.

Your furnace is tripping the breaker

  • Check your furnace circuit breaker.
  • Locate your electrical panel.
  • Find the furnace circuit breaker; it will be labeled something like “heating” etc.
  • Push the breaker to the ON position and try turning on the heat to see if it fixes the problem.
  • If it flips itself back to the OFF position, leave it alone and call a professional furnace technician to find the origin of the problem.

When to Call in a Professional Furnace Company for Repairs

The following cues will help you assess if your furnace needs professional help and repair.

Does it smell weird, even after the initial smell from turning the furnace on for the season?

Is the furnace making weird noises?

Is the furnace unit accumulating a lot of dust?

Any of these issues are a cause for concern.

More Significant Red Flags:

Your pilot light is yellow.

  • Properly functioning pilot lights will be blue. A yellow light indicates that there is a problem such as poor ventilation or excess carbon monoxide.
  • This is something you should call a Kansas City furnace company about right away, as carbon monoxide is dangerous and can do major harm to home occupants.

Your furnace isn’t heating your home.

  • If you’re cranking up the heat to no avail, it’s time to get a professional technician’s help. This is a much better option than paying a large utility bill and no heat to show for it.

Your furnace has not been maintained or had a tune up regularly.

  • Without a regular check up for maintenance, your furnace could have a wide variety of issues.
  • At Santa Fe Air, we recommend annual maintenance for your HVAC unit. If it’s been more than a year, it’s time to call us.

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Our technicians and staff have earned us excellent ratings on Google Reviews, Angie’s List, and other online platforms. Professionalism, hard work, a positive attitude, and responsiveness are what our techs are known for across hundreds of reviews. Our techs are nerds; they know and care about the details and processes to get things done right the first time.

We take the time to answer any customer questions and educate customers on their furnace systems and cost. We don’t want you to feel left in the dark at any point in the repair process of your furnace.

After your service, we don’t just say “Okay goodbye forever!” Instead, we make a list of your preferences for future service. This includes information such as wanting the same technician, pets to be aware of, and other details to customize your service for your needs.

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The technician was very friendly, answered questions, and explained what was wrong and the function of the broken part. He was very detailed in explaining pricing and we were very pleased with our service.

Diana C. Diana C.

Diana C.

Thorough, competent, competitive price. I have had nothing but great service from Santa Fe heating and cooling. Thank you!

Nicolle C. Nicolle C.

Nicolle C.

We had our HVAC system replaced. They were very professional and clean through the entire installation. They worked through some of the issues with me and listened to my concerns. I could not be more pleased.

Brian H. Brian H.

Brian H.

I bought a home with an older system. It had not been well cared for. My technician cleaned it all up and it’s in great working order. I will be using Santa Fe going forward for my regular maintenance as well as any issues with my…

Tracey Gibbs Tracey Gibbs

Tracey Gibbs

Our relationship with Santa Fe Air began in 2001 when they installed a new unit at the house we had purchased. They've serviced and maintained our unit ever since. We love the annual service plan benefits. The technicians are always professional, knowledgeable, and friendly. The office…

B. L. B. L.

B. L.