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If the Power Goes Out, Will My Heat?

When temperatures drop and winter storms hit, this is a very important question. The answer however, is not black and white-it all depends on the kind of heating system that you have in your home.

Below you will find a list of heating systems and whether or not they are affected by power outages:

Steam Heat (NO) – Steam heat only uses gas to heat the home so a power outage will not affect it.

Gravity Heat (NO) – Though gravity heat is no longer common, it can still be found in some older homes.  Homes with gravity heat have a furnace located in the basement that relies the fact that the heat rises to heat the rest of the home.  Only gas is needed, no electricity.

Forced Air Heating (YES) – This heating system is your typical furnace and duct work system and does rely on heat to operate.  Therefore, if you have this type of system it is imperative to be extra prepared if a winter storm is forecasted.

Water Heater – Most water heaters will remain operating if the power goes out except high efficiency water heaters.  These have a motor that needs electricity in order to work.

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