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Furnace Installation in Kansas City

Does your home need a new furnace? Upgrade to a more energy efficient furnace with Santa Fe Air.

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Everything you need to know about installing a new furnace in your home.

How much does a new furnace installation cost?

The cost for new furnace installation depends on a few variables:

  • Energy efficiency (AFUE)
  • Comfort features such as burner and blower types
  • The size of the system itself. The bigger it is the more expensive it is.
  • The person or company you hire to install the system

Should a mechanical permit be pulled when you replace your HVAC system?

The simple answer is YES! Mechanical Permits exist for your safety. HVAC installations involve natural gas, high voltage electricity and venting. Insist that your contractor pull a permit and have the work inspected. All cities in the Greater Kansas Area require mechanical contractors to pull a permit to replace HVAC equipment.

So why do most companies skip this process entirely?

  • They must have a Business License for each city they work in to be able to pull the permit. There are a lot of cities in the KC area and each one collects a fee!
  • A license requires continuing education every year. This requires time and a dedication to the trade.
  • The contractor must be licensed, insured, and know the national mechanical codes to pull a permit. Permits cost money.
  • A third party will inspect the job to make sure the codes were met, so there can be no cutting corners when you pull a permit.
  • If/when you sell the home down the road, the building inspector will find the code infractions and you will be liable for the corrections before the house can be sold.
  • Your homeowner insurance policy could require proof of a permit, should you ever have a claim.
  • An improperly vented gas furnace can kill you from carbon monoxide poisoning.
  • Professional contractors not only welcome inspections, they use them as a benefit for clients choosing them over the competition.

Ask yourself: who would you rather have install an HVAC system for you; a company that is willing to endanger its customers’ lives with improper installations, or Santa Fe Air Conditioning, the people who take the time to do it right?

What Does a New Furnace Cost?

The cost to install a new furnace can be as low as $5,000. Most homeowners can expect to pay approximately $7,000, while some homes that are larger may see costs as high as $9,000.

What Does a New Furnace Cost

Signs that You Need a New Furnace Installation

Your furnace is past its expiration date

According to Consumer Reports, the typical furnace lives about 15-20 years. If yours is entering the geriatric stage, you should be thinking about upgrading a new one, especially for efficiency. Say goodbye to that old timer that has served you well.

Your utility bill for heating is soaring

Speaking of efficiency, it’s common that the older the furnace the higher the energy bill. As technology progresses, the amount of energy needed to power new furnaces lessens, so expect a lower utility bill.

Needing frequent repairs

It’s not fun to call in for repairs all the time, especially when the item being repaired is essential for comfortable living conditions. We depend on devices such as phones, cars, computers, and other appliances each day to make our lives easier. It’s a big inconvenience when one stops doing its job. If your furnace is finicky and constantly needing attention for repairs, it may be time to say goodbye and get a new furnace installation.

Repairs have become too expensive

Just like it’s not worth fixing a totaled car, repairing a furnace with an expensive process is often less economically savvy than installing a new heating unit. Simple tasks such as installing a new furnace filter aren’t expensive, but totally revamping an out-of-date unit can be a money pit. If you can’t guarantee that there won’t be future costly problems, it’s best to go for a new HVAC unit.

The Benefits of a New Home Furnace

It’s more energy and cost efficient

By upgrading to a more energy efficient furnace system, you will see a lower utility bill, plain and simple. This difference in monthly expenses can recover much of new furnace installation costs. This will leave your wallet and the environment a lot happier.

Home Comfort Upgrade

Many new furnaces boast extensive temperature control, zoning systems, and other convenient amenities. Is your kitchen an inferno while your bedroom is freezing? Different temperatures throughout the home are uncomfortable, plain and simple. A new furnace will regulate temperatures better, and some systems even give you total control.

You can have balanced, controlled temperatures throughout your home so there are no chilly problem areas. Like to keep a specific room in your home a little cooler, such as a home gym or a rarely used guest bedroom? A zoning system will allow you to do that.

Peace of Mind

With a new furnace system, you’ll have the opportunity to catch any small issues immediately with your installer, and the peace of mind that your system isn’t going to have costly issues and repairs. Similar to buying a new car, a new HVAC system will be brand-new, and it’ll run as smooth as Kenny G’s jazz.

Don’t spend another minute cold & uncomfortable. Schedule your FREE in-home estimate on a more energy efficient new furnace today!

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Our technicians and staff have earned us excellent ratings on Google Reviews, Angie’s List, and other online platforms. Professionalism, hard work, a positive attitude, and responsiveness are what our techs are known for across hundreds of reviews. Our techs are nerds; they know and care about the details and processes to get things done right the first time.

We take the time to answer any customer questions and educate customers on their new furnace systems and cost. We don’t want you to feel left in the dark at any point in the installation process of your new furnace.

After your service, we don’t just say “Okay goodbye forever!” Instead, we make a list of your preferences for future service. This includes information such as wanting the same technician, pets to be aware of, and other details to customize your service for your needs.

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The technician was very friendly, answered questions, and explained what was wrong and the function of the broken part. He was very detailed in explaining pricing and we were very pleased with our service.

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Diana C.

Thorough, competent, competitive price. I have had nothing but great service from Santa Fe heating and cooling. Thank you!

Nicolle C. Nicolle C.

Nicolle C.

We had our HVAC system replaced. They were very professional and clean through the entire installation. They worked through some of the issues with me and listened to my concerns. I could not be more pleased.

Brian H. Brian H.

Brian H.

I bought a home with an older system. It had not been well cared for. My technician cleaned it all up and it’s in great working order. I will be using Santa Fe going forward for my regular maintenance as well as any issues with my…

Tracey Gibbs Tracey Gibbs

Tracey Gibbs

Our relationship with Santa Fe Air began in 2001 when they installed a new unit at the house we had purchased. They've serviced and maintained our unit ever since. We love the annual service plan benefits. The technicians are always professional, knowledgeable, and friendly. The office…

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