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Three main factors that affect the cost of an HVAC, Furnace and Heat Pump

Efficiency of the system

A/C Unit

Air Conditioners use SEER (Seasonal Electrical Efficiency Rating) and furnaces use AFUE (Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency) to rate their efficiency. The higher the number, the better the efficiency. The minimum SEER available for sale at Sante Fe Air for an air Conditioner is 14 SEER, and for our sale of new furnaces is 80% AFUE. 

Air conditioners can be rated as high as 24 SEER and furnaces can reach a rating level of 99% AFUE. As a homeowner, it is important to know that the higher the SEER/AFUE rating the more up-front investment you will have, but then you will see greater savings over the life of the system. 

Higher efficient systems will operate at multiple speeds. They only use the amount of energy needed to keep your house comfortable for the conditions on that day. There is minimal wasted energy on mild days.

System Size

The price difference between the smallest and the largest systems can be thousands of dollars. This is a time where bigger is not always better. Oversized units can cost you more to run than a unit that is properly sized. Comfort levels also go down with oversized equipment. Oversizing can cause the unit to cycle on and off too frequently, causing huge temperature swings. This will also shorten the life of the equipment. The most stress put on a system is during start up.


Unlike the other appliances in your house, which only need plugged-in or maybe have a water line attached, heating and cooling systems are installed products. Even if you purchase the most efficient system, professionally installing the system is the only way to guarantee that it will work properly. 

It is also good to note that comfort levels within the home are also affected by proper installation. Santa Fe Air custom makes every sheet metal fitting to assure proper air flow and a finished product that you will know was done by professionals. No tape holding sheet metal together because it does not fit properly. No cutting corners to hurry up and get the job done. It will be a system that will give you many years of quality operation. A system that is properly installed over one that is just thrown together can change the price considerably. 

The type of thermostat, air filter, humidifier, and any indoor air quality products will affect the price. Plus, the warranties are only as good as the company that is willing to stand behind them!

Looking for the Cost of Your Next HVAC System? Combine to save more with Santa Fe

It is possible to replace just the furnace or just the A/C but that we recommend doing both at the same time. The main reason would be about a 10% to 15% savings over doing them separately. Plus, higher efficient systems require a matched system to get those higher efficiencies and the peace of mind knowing everything has the same warranty.

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