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Why Choose A Whole Home Humidifier?

We already know about the benefits that a humidifier can bring us in the winter, now the question is what’s the difference between a whole home humidifier and a portable humidifier? Whole home humidifiers are built in features as part of your forced air furnace or steam heat system while portable humidifiers are generally small units purchased at a local hardware store and then simply placed around the home out in the open. So why should you choose a whole home humidifier?  Here’s why:

  • Whole home humidifiers have pads that need to be changed only annually, while portable humidifiers need to be constantly refilled with water.
  • A whole home humidifier can regulate the humidity throughout your entire home whereas multiple portable humidifiers would need to be purchased and placed in order to have the same effect.
  • Portable humidifiers are noisy and they also run the risk of being able to be knocked over, which would create a wet mess.

So, there you have it.  Though a portable humidifier is still helpful, in order to achieve the full convenient benefits of a humidifier it is a better idea to look into whole home humidifiers.  For more information, contact Santa Fe Air!

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