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Three Questions to Ask When Buying an Air Conditioner

Remember your air conditioner that was on its last leg? Now is the time to think about a new one. Now is the perfect time to begin thinking about this kind of investment, as it is better to begin the process early so everything will be all set up and ready to go by the time those first 80 degree days roll around. Purchasing an air conditioner is a HUGE decision (not to mention it can also be expensive) and before doing so there are three major questions you should ask:

  • What HVAC Contractor will I use? The question is probably the most important because choosing a reputable company with highly trained consultants and technicians will easily be able to help you answer the next two questions. They will ensure that your air conditioner is the right one for your home and lifestyle, and that it is installed properly.
  • What Size? Contrary to popular belief, air conditioners are not in the “one size fits all” category. The sizing of the air conditioner is very important as improperly sized units, whether they are too big or too small, can waste money and energy.
  • How Efficient Should the A/C Be? Wondering about the efficiency of the furnace is not only important for the Earth, but also for your wallet. Higher efficiency air conditioners will save you in the long run despite the fact that they are a higher initial investment than lower efficiency units. Air conditioners are rated for efficiency by their SEER number.

Well, there you have it! The three big questions.

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