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Power Outages can be Dangerous-Be Prepared!

Winters can be brutal. Winter storms and ice have made power outages a reality for many people across the United States. Due to the freezing temperatures that we have been experiencing, power outages this winter have the possibility of being incredibly dangerous. Therefore, here are some tips about being ready in the event of a power outage due to a Winter Storm.

Emergency Supplies

If you know a winter storm will arrive in your area soon, make sure you have the following ready, especially in the case of a severe winter storm:

  • Firewood, if you have a fireplace.
  • Food that is non-perishable, if you lose power.
  • Emergency equipment such as generators and flashlights, tested and ready for use.
  • Water for drinking and cooking, collected in bottles in case your pipes freeze.
  • Make sure to charge your mobile phone, laptop and other mobile device batteries.

Prepare Your Home

  • Make sure your home’s attic and walls are properly insulated.
  • Let your faucets to drip to prevent freezing water from causing pipes to burst.
  • Make sure your pipes are properly insulated and leave cabinet doors open around pipes to ensure they receive warmth from the air flowing through your home.
  • Apply weather stripping to exterior-facing windows and doors, and put storm windows in place as needed.
  • Set up emergency heating equipment, such as a fireplace with wood or coal and a camp stove with fuel.
  • Purchase space heaters as needed and learn how to use them safely ”“ keep space heaters away from furniture, drapes and all flammable objects, and never leave them turned on in a room where no one is present. Never drape wet clothes, gloves, hats or socks over a space heater to dry.
  • Learn how to shut off your home’s water valves in the event that a pipe breaks.
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