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Make Your Home Comfortable for the Holidays

It is November and hopefully everybody is beginning to wake up from a Halloween sugar coma. It is now time to look ahead to the upcoming holiday season with Thanksgiving and Christmas. During this time you may have a lot of guests in your home. Whether they are staying with you or simply joining your family for dinner, you still want to make sure that your house is as comfortable as possible for them.

Have you ever noticed or heard complaints that some rooms are freezing while others are stifling hot? Ideally, unless you have a zoned heating system, temperatures should remain fairly consistent throughout your home. Here are some ways to make sure that it does:

How Much Insulation?

Improper insulation can cause you to lose a heat, especially in areas such as the attic. Check to see if you need to add more insulation to your home.

Check air vents.

Closing air vents or registers is a way to control the flow of air. If one room tends to become heated very quickly and get hot, you can close the register to that room and therefore push the warm to another room. Another option is to close the vents to rooms you are not using.


If you notice drafts around doors; installing weather stripping will also help seal air leaks. Also, consider a draft stopper.


How old are you windows? Often, older windows have leaks in the frame. If you notice you have drafty windows, you may want to re-caulk to seal off the window frame from air leaks. A draft stopper can be helpful here as well.

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