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Leaking Hot Water Tank?

Oh no! Your hot water tank is leaking, now what do you do? The good news is that there are some steps you can take in order to contain the problem while you wait for a professional plumber to come out and help solve the problem.

  • Locate the Supply Water: This water will come in on the cold water side of tank through a tube.  It is necessary that you turn this off and in order to do so you must either turn the valve perpendicular to the pipe or turn a knob (if there is one) clockwise.
  • Shut the Gas Off: This is an easy step if you know where the gas is located.  If you are unsure, check the water tank’s owner’s manual or call Thermal Services for help.
  • Connect hose to drain valve on the bottom of the tank: Attaching a hose to the drain pipe will allow for you to control the flow of water.  Therefore, have the hose lead the water to a drain in order to lessen the mess in your home.

Following these steps will protect your home from some potential damage, but it is still important to call a professional in order to truly fix the problem. 

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