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Is Your Toilet Running?

Is your refrigerator running? Well… you better go catch it! Have you ever heard that joke? Or how about is your toilet running? Well… that’s not always that funny, especially when your toilet actually is running! This is because having a toilet that is constantly running is not only a nuisance, but it can also waste a lot of water and money, up to $20-40 per month!

So, since “catching it” probably is not the solution for a running toilet, what should you do?

First, try jiggling the handle a little. The flapper in the valve system can sometimes be a little stuck; a quick jiggle can fix it right up.

If that doesn’t work, open the lid on the back of the toilet to try and diagnose the problem. Though toilets can last a long, long time, it is still possible that the whole valve system may need to be replaced or that the chain connected to the ball in the valve system has snapped. 

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