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Frozen Air Conditioner?

We used to have a refrigerator that would constantly get too cold. The temperature would drop causing all the pop to freeze, expand and then subsequently, explode. This made for a very messy, sticky situation. The air conditioner can also get too cold and freeze. Though this will not result in an explosion of sugary, not-so-good for you liquid, it has its own negative consequences, such as not working.

There are multiple reasons for finding ice blocks on your air conditioner:

  • Dirty Furnace Filters-Having clogged filters means that not enough air can get through to keep the coil warm and to prevent it from freezing.  Therefore, make sure to clean or change your filter on a regular basis.
  • Dirty Outside Condenser Coil
  • Low on Refrigerant-A refrigerant leak could make the coil too cold. A refrigerant leak can be a serious problem and a professional should be called in right away.

So, what should you do if your air conditioner freezes up? First, you can hose off the outside in order to get some of the ice off. Then, change or clean your filter and call a professional to make sure there is not a refrigerant leak.

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