A Clean Filter is a Happy Filter


My dad always says, “a clean _______ is a happy _______.”  This applied to wherever we were at the time or whatever chore he was asking my brother or I to do.  “A clean room is a happy room,” “A clean boat is a happy boat,” “A clean car is a happy car.”  Though this drove us crazy when were younger, I have really been able to appreciate that phrase as I mature. In fact, I find that it actually applies to a lot in my life including, “a clean filter is a happy filter.” When your furnace starts running on a regular basis this fall, it is important to either clean or wash your furnace filter monthly, or per the recommendations of that filter.  If the task sounds daunting and you are not quite sure how, follow these easy steps:

  1. Turn off the furnace- from the main circuit breaker or the service panel on the furnace.
  2. The filter is usually near the blower, and it is a square/rectangle type mesh device.
  3. Remove the filter.
  4. If there is dirt and buildup make sure you wash or replace it. (This is somewhat like pulling the “lint catcher” out of the dryer, just a little messier and bigger).
  5. If it is a re-usable filter, use a hose to wash it and put it back in when it is dry.
  6. If it is a disposable filter, replace it with a new one. Before purchasing the new filter, be sure to measure the old one, so you know what size to get.

A clean filter is not only happy filter, but also a happy home because a clean filter means clean air and an efficient furnace.