Why You Should Get a Split AC Unit for Your Kansas City Home

You know what’s better than being able to control the temperature in each room? Controlling the temperature in each room without installing complicated ductwork. When you get a split AC unit for your Kansas City home, you can keep your house comfortable, save energy, and yes —manage the temperature in individual rooms (so long, hot spots).

Our HVAC technicians at Santa Fe Air have installed countless split AC units in the Kansas City area. If you want one for yourself, keep reading to why you should get a split AC unit for you and your family. 

How does a split AC unit work?

A split AC unit works almost like a central unit, except there’s no ducts. That’s why they’re often called ductless air conditioners or mini-split ACs. 

Split ACs have two main components:


  1. One outdoor compressor/condenser
  2. Multiple indoor air-handling units 


The indoor units are installed throughout your house and are connected to the outdoor unit. 

Basically, you could have indoor units in each room, each with their own thermostats. 

For cooling, the indoor unit blows warm air over evaporator coils. Refrigerant runs inside those coils, allowing them to absorb heat and send it to the outdoor unit. The outdoor unit then dumps the excess heat. And there you have it; that’s how you manage the temperature in your entire home.

Because you have indoor units inside various rooms, there’s no longer a need for ducts. It’s a great option if your home doesn’t have ductwork or you don’t want to add additional ductwork to fix heating and cooling issues. 

Who can get a split AC unit?

A lot of people could get a split AC unit for their home. As with other HVAC systems, a great time to install a mini-split system is when you’re first building a house. Of course, that doesn’t mean you can’t add one to your current home. 

Especially if you have a non-ducted system, you can upgrade your home with a mini-split to help regulate temperatures in each room. If you have additions to your home that your ductwork won’t cover, you can always get a split AC unit for your Kansas City home as an alternative to heat and cool the area. 

A split AC unit is also a great way to zone your home. As a result, you can regulate the temperature in each room, which can help you save a lot of energy and find the perfect comfort levels for every area of your house. 

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Let Santa Fe Air install a split AC unit for your Kansas City home

If you’re in the Kansas City or Johnson County areas, let our HVAC technicians at Santa Fe Air give you the best split AC unit available. We ensure that everything is installed correctly the first time, so all you have to worry about is…well, nothing. 

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