Why smart homeowners get A/C maintenance in the Spring

Summer is right around the corner, which means the best time to get maintenance is right now.

In this article, we’ll explain why smart homeowners (like yourself) should schedule AC maintenance during spring.

But first, let’s look at why you need AC maintenance in the first place…

Why your AC needs maintenance every year

Every AC technician will tell you the same thing: you need to hire a professional to maintain your air conditioner at least once a year.

You need annual maintenance for the following reasons:

  1. It’s required to keep your warranty valid
  2. It prolongs the life of your air conditioner
  3. It saves you money year-round

Let’s look at these reasons in more detail…

#1: Maintenance keeps your warranty valid

When your air conditioner was first installed, it likely came with a limited parts warranty from the manufacturer. This warranty usually covers the cost to replace any defective parts within a certain time (i.e. 5–10 years).

However, in order for the warranty to be valid, most manufacturers require proof that your air conditioner has been properly maintained by a professional.

You see, manufacturers know that if an AC hasn’t been regularly maintained, its parts will wear out and break down way faster— which brings us to our next point…

#2: Maintenance prolongs the life of your AC

According to Energy.gov, a central air conditioner that has been properly maintained by a professional should last up to 15–20 years.

On the other hand, if an air conditioner hasn’t been properly maintained, you can expect it to only last 7–10 years (or shorter).

Why? Well, when you neglect your AC by failing to have it maintained, dust and dirt builds up on the inner components. And all this debris buildup makes your AC motors and components work overtime, which wears them out faster and increases your chances of an early breakdown.

#3: Maintenance saves you money year-round

Regular AC maintenance can cut down your energy bill by up to 15% per month.

The reason is simple: When all of the components in your AC are clean and working properly, your air conditioning system operates more efficiently.

And the more efficient your air conditioner, the less energy it consumes because it doesn’t have to run as long or work as hard to cool your home’s air.

Why you should schedule your AC maintenance in spring

Now that we’ve looked at why you should get your air conditioner maintained every year, let’s look at why spring is the best time to schedule a tune-up.

Spring is the best time to get AC maintenance for the following reasons:

  1. You’ll get the most money savings: Would you rather wait until midsummer and only enjoy 15% savings for 2–3 months? Or would you rather get maintenance now and enjoy 15% savings for 5–6 months?
  2. Your home will be more comfortable: Spring maintenance allows your system to provide more even cooling throughout your home and helps reduce indoor humidity during the summer.
  3. You’ll prevent breakdowns in the summer: Summer is the worst time for an AC breakdown—it’s the time you need a working AC the most!
  4. You’ll beat the crowd: During summer everybody is scrambling to fix their AC, which makes it harder to get an appointment for maintenance. But when you schedule in the spring, you have more flexibility with scheduling which means you’re more likely to get the day and time you prefer.

Smart homeowners: Ready to schedule your AC maintenance?

If you’re ready to schedule your AC tune-up, give us a call or schedule an appointment online.

In the meantime, learn about our 365 Comfort Club maintenance plan.