Why is my heat pump blowing cold air in heat mode?

If you have a heat pump and notice the air blowing out of your vents is cold, there are 2 possibilities:

  • Something is wrong with your heat pump
  • The air just feels cold and your mind is playing tricks on you

How to tell if something is wrong

First, let’s make sure there’s nothing wrong with your heat pump. Go to your thermostat.

Is your home getting warmer?

If your heat pump is working correctly, the temperature in your home should gradually increase until it shuts off at the temperature you have your thermostat set at.

If the heat pump seems to run constantly, that’s normal depending on the climate and temperature of the air being blown.

If it’s not doing that, something is probably wrong. Contact a professional heating repair company.

If your heat pump seems to be working correctly, keep reading to find out how your mind is playing tricks on you.

Why the air feels cold

The main point is this: the air coming out of the vents is warm. It just feels cold because it’s cooler than your body’s temperature.

While everyone’s body temperature is slightly different, the average is around 98.6 °F.

Heat pumps heat the air to around 95 °F, but that can drop down to 85 °F if the weather outside is colder. And even though that’s still warm enough to heat your home, it’s cooler than your body’s temperature. So it feels cool or cold.

The reason why a heat pump blows out cooler feeling air in colder weather has to do with how a heat pump works.

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