Why is my furnace squeaking?

Is your furnace making an annoying squeaking sound while it’s running?

If so, that noise is probably coming from either your blower motor or inducer motor.

More specifically, you probably have 1 of these 3 problems:

  1. A worn blower motor belt
  2. Worn-out blower motor bearings
  3. Faulty inducer motor

Since fixing each of these problems can be difficult, we suggest leaving these repairs to a professional.

But to give you an idea of why you are getting that squealing sound, we’ll go into more detail about each of these issues and how a professional will fix them.

Problem #1: A worn motor belt

If you have a really old furnace, then the problem might be a worn motor belt.

The belt connects the motor to the blower fan, which is what pulls air into your furnace to be heated.

Over time, the belt can stretch or become misaligned, which creates squeaking sounds.

While a professional can replace a belt on an old furnace, we usually recommend that you replace your furnace because it is old and likely very inefficient.

Problem #2: Worn-out blower motor bearings

Bearings are the ring-shaped metal devices that slide over each side of the blower motor shaft.

The bearings are there to “bear” the amount of friction and stress the motor shaft receives so that it can spin smoothly.

However, when the bearings give out or lose their lubrication, you’ll hear a screeching noise as the bearings and the motor shaft grind against each other.

If it turns out your bearings are bad, you’ll want to have them fixed ASAP because bad bearings can ruin the motor shaft, which can result in an expensive repair.

Problem #3: Faulty inducer motor

Newer furnaces have an inducer motor, which is responsible for moving gases out of the furnace (via the flue) and providing the burners with a steady source of oxygen.

Just like the blower motor, the bearings can wear out and cause metal parts within the motor to grind against each other, creating a loud squeaking or squealing sound.

A professional will need to inspect the inducer motor to make sure the bearings are in good shape and that the motor does not have any loose components.

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