Why Is My Furnace Not Running?

Is your furnace not kicking on when the temperature drops? Or is the furnace blower running but there’s no heat? If it’s getting cold outside and your furnace is not running, you’ll want to troubleshoot the issue quickly. Midwest winters can be brutal and a functional furnace is a matter of safety! 

Let’s quickly go over some common furnace issues our Kansas City HVAC experts encounter.

Quick troubleshooting for a furnace blowing weak heat

  1. First, make sure nothing is blocking the warm air, such as a heavy drape or piece of furniture placed over a vent. 
  2. Make sure the thermostat is set to “HEAT” and that the fan is set to “AUTO.” If there is still no heat, try raising the set temperature by 5 degrees and waiting to see if the system reacts. 
  3. Check to see if your filter is clean, as a dirty filter can reduce the effectiveness of your furnace.

Quick troubleshooting for a furnace with no heat

  1. Check the thermostat settings to ensure it is set to “HEAT” and turned on. 
  2. Check the circuit breaker to ensure there is power to the furnace. If the circuit has tripped, reset it. If it blows again, there’s probably a short in the electrical. You’ll need to call an electrician.
  3. Check the furnace’s power switch to ensure it is on.
  4. If your furnace motor has a reset button near the blower motor’s housing, you can try pressing it to see if that fixes the issue. If nothing happens, wait about a half hour, then hit the reset button again just in case.
  5. If you have a gas furnace, check that the pilot light hasn’t gone out.

If none of these steps produces results, it’s time to call a technician

Other common furnace issues

  1. Furnaces that cycle on and off too often are generally having issues with the thermostat, rather than the furnace itself. 
  2. If your furnace only runs for a few minutes before shutting off, it might have a faulty flame sensor.
  3. If your furnace motor is running but no air is blowing, there is probably a broken belt within the furnace. 
  4. Your furnace is pinging, popping, rattling, squealing, or making any other unusual noise; it could be anything from loose panels to slipped belts to stripped motor bearings. 

Any of these issues should be addressed by an HVAC professional.

Has the furnace had yearly maintenance?

Furnaces are designed to last about 15 years, sometimes longer, but this is only when they’re getting proper maintenance. Once a year you should have a professional inspect your furnace for issues and give it a tune up to ensure it functions beautifully when you need it to. Santa Fe offers a 365 Comfort Club membership, one of the best plans for preventative maintenance in Kansas City

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