Who else wants to banish high humidity out of their entire home?

We can all agree that the humidity levels in Kansas can get crazy during the summer.

It causes you and your family to get that sticky, uncomfortable feeling. And if you try to counteract it by turning your thermostat way down when your air conditioner runs, you end up too cold instead comfortable.

Not only that, but you run up your utility bills!

So what’s the solution? Whole home-dehumidifiers, when installed alongside your air conditioner can remove the excess humidity and bring comfort back to your entire home.

Here’s a story to illustrate how they work and why it’s a better alternative than portable dehumidifiers.

A Kansas City homeowner’s dilemma with humidity

Meet Emma. Emma is a hard working wife and mother in Kansas City. She has to get up early to get her kids ready for school and make it to work on time.

But one thing she can’t stand in the morning is the muggy humidity. And after a hard day’s work, she just wants to relax, but she just can’t seem to escape the humidity then, either.

She tried just turning down the thermostat, but that just made her freeze, and it ran up the utility bill.

She tried out a portable dehumidifier but didn’t like it because it was:

  • A pain to maintain– She had to empty the water tank so often and clean it with soap and water so that mold and mildew wouldn’t grow in it.
  • Noisy– This was a problem since she wanted to use it while she was sleeping.
  • Only able to dehumidify one room– Emma has a two-story home, and it was a pain to carry it around to get comfort in multiple rooms.
  • Took up room in her home– She didn’t like how it was in plain sight and didn’t match anything in her home.

A helpful neighbor shows Emma the solution to her humidity problem

One day, Emma was complaining about the humidity to her neighbor, Madison. Madison, a stay at home mom, empathized with Emma’s problem.

Since she stayed at home all day, Madison knew she had to find a solution to the humidity problem, so she told Emma that she had a professional contractor install a whole-home dehumidifier into her home.

Emma was taken aback that there was a dehumidifier large enough to suck out all the humidity in the entire home’s air, and said she didn’t want such a monstrosity sitting around her home.

Madison, chuckling to herself, assured Emma that it’s not like a normal dehumidifier.

She quickly explained that a whole-house dehumidifier is installed alongside your home’s central air conditioner and removes moisture from the air that’s pulled in through your return ducts. Then it sends the dry air throughout your home.

Madison said she loves it because it’s:

  • Dehumidifying her entire home– She feels comfortable and can turn her thermostat up higher than normal, which lowers her utility bills.
  • Easy to maintain– She only had to change an air filter every 6 months and check the drain once a year.
  • Quiet– She barely knows it’s there.
  • Out of the way– There’s no eyesore since it’s installed out of sight next to her duct work instead of her living room.

Emma thanked Madison for the information and immediately went online to shop around for a whole-home dehumidifier that fit her family’s budget. She then found a professional HVAC contractor to install it for her.

Now Emma couldn’t be happier because she has the comfort she wants–without the high utility bills and annoying maintenance.

Get the whole-home dehumidifier that best fits your home

If you’re in a similar situation as Emma and want a whole-home dehumidifier, contact Santa Fe Air Conditioning and Heating online today.