Where Should I Put My Wi-fi Thermostat? Kansas City Smart Home Experts

Upgrading your regular ol’ thermostat to a wi-fi or “smart” thermostat may sound like the next best move for you and your family. It’s also a great gift for tech lovers this holiday season. With new technology, wi-fi thermostats are able to conserve energy and save you money in two ways: one, you can control temperature remotely, and two, it can learn your behavior and adjust your HVAC system accordingly. 

As “smart” as this new tech may be, it’s really only as smart as its placement. After all, you can only save money if your thermostat placement is efficient. You can’t expect to put your wi-fi thermostat just anywhere and see results. 

If you’re wondering where to put your wi-fi thermostat, read on to hear it straight from the source of Kansas City’s dependable heating, cooling, and electrical experts.

Where not to put your Wi-fi thermostat

Before we go into where you should put your wi-fi thermostat, let’s start with where not to put it. The last thing you want is to spend money on new tech just to find that it’s costing you more because you’ve installed it in the wrong place: any temperature-extreme area. 

The Kitchen 

Your kitchen goes through a lot of ups and downs when it comes to temperature, which makes sense. When you have your oven or stove on, the temperature in that confined space can rise higher than the rest of the house. Putting your wi-fi thermostat in the kitchen can throw off its results and cause it not to function properly. Thinking it’s warmer than it is, your thermostat may notify your HVAC system to lower the heat, even though the rest of your house still isn’t warm. 

Near Windows or Doorways

Never put your wi-fi thermostat in a place where outside drafts and weather could impact its reading. You don’t want to have a winter breeze drift in from the outside, making your thermostat think it’s as cold as the arctic inside your home. Everyone wants to stay cozy in the winter, but you don’t want it so unnecessarily warm that your heating bill ends up being sky high. 

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Above or Around Air Vents

If you put your wi-fi thermostat near an air vent, as soon as warm or cool air pumps out, that’ll be its first point of contact. Therefore, your thermostat will heat up or cool down much faster than the rest of the house, and you won’t get an accurate reading at all. Instead, your house will remain either too hot or too cold pretty much indefinitely.


You want your wi-fi thermostat put in a place you and your family spend a lot of time around—and who is spending time hanging out in a hallway? Plus, hallways are narrow, so air circulates differently there than it would in a living room or bedroom.

Direct Sunlight

Notice where the sun hits your house during different times of day. You’ll want to avoid a wi-fi thermostat placement in those areas. Sunlight can heat up your thermostat even if there’s no heat running. In the winter, this could stop your house from getting as warm as you’d want. In the summer, it might blast the A/C too high. When determining where to put your wi-fi thermostat, count out any areas that receive a lot of direct sunlight.

Areas with Obstructions

In addition to avoiding the temperature-extreme areas we listed above, keep in mind that your thermostat will also need access to the internet. That means you shouldn’t place your thermostat where there could be obstacles in its way, such as bookshelves or large appliances.

So where should I put my wi-fi thermostat?

Avoiding the “don’ts” of wi-fi thermostat placement is the first step to getting it right. 

If the placement of your current thermostat is not favorable for the conditions listed above, it’s time to do some brainstorming. Ideally, you’ll want to put your wi-fi thermostat on an interior wall that has an open, clear view. Consider doing trial runs if you’re unsure how the placement works or if your thermostat is getting an accurate reading. If something seems wonky, find a new wall to put your wi-fi thermostat. 

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