When to replace your central A/C: A guide for Kansas City home owners

Debating if it’s time to replace your old AC or not?

Well, if you’ve noticed the following signs, then yes, it’s probably time to get a new air conditioner:

  • Your AC is 10+ years old
  • You have high energy bills
  • Your AC needs frequent repairs
  • Your AC struggles to keep your home comfortable

Let’s go into more detail about each of these signs, so you have a better idea of when you should replace your air conditioner.

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Sign #1: Your AC is 10+ years old

Air conditioners in Kansas City typically last anywhere from 10 to 15 years before giving out.

So if your AC system is 10+ years old, that’s your first indication that you should replace it because it’s quickly nearing the end of its life.

Plus, as an air conditioner ages, it loses efficiency which would explain other symptoms like high energy bills…

Sign #2: You have high energy bills

No homeowner likes the surprise of getting a really high energy bill out of the blue. And it’s even worse when the bills steadily increase.

If you get one or two high energy bills out of the blue, contact an HVAC professional to see what could have caused that spike in energy usage. But if the bills have been steadily increasing for a while, that could be a sign your central AC is giving out and that it needs to be replaced.

Sign #3: Your AC needs frequent repairs

Does it seem like you’re always calling a pro to fix your AC?

If so, it’s a sign your air conditioner is on its last leg.

You see, air conditioners are just like any other type of mechanical equipment: they have moving parts and motors that fail over time simply due to repeated use.

So instead of shelling out money for every single AC repair that comes your way (which can be expensive), it’s usually in your favor financially to just replace the AC altogether.

Sign #4: Your AC struggles to keep your home comfortable

One surefire way to know you need a new central air conditioner is if you never feel comfortable in your home—no matter how many times you adjust the thermostat.

As air conditioners age and start to break down, they also lose their ability to keep your home comfortable.

Signs your AC is losing its ability to cool your home include:

  • You notice hot or cold spots in your home
  • Your AC has to run longer to reach your desired temperature
  • You notice limited airflow coming from the supply vents

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