What’s the best heating system option for Kansas City home?

Are you in the market for a new heater for your home, or having a new home built? You might be wondering what the best heating system is.

In this article, we’re going to look at :

  • The 3 most common types of whole-home heating in the Kansas City area
  • Their pros and cons
  • Who they’re best for

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Gas furnace

A gas furnace is the most popular form of heating in Kansas City homes. Natural gas is carried into the home through the utility company’s lines.


  • Most homes are already outfitted with gas lines, so installing a new gas furnace is usually easier than other heating systems.
  • Natural gas prices are much cheaper than oil and are competitive with electric rates
  • New gas furnaces can be up to 98% efficient


  • The new 98% efficient gas furnaces require a more complicated installation than less efficient gas furnaces
  • If your home doesn’t have gas lines, it could be expensive to add

Best for: The majority of homes in Kansas City—especially those who already have gas lines.

Heat pump

Heat pumps are rising in popularity in Kansas City. Heat pumps are basically air conditioners that have a reversing valve so that they can heat your home by working in reverse during the winter.


  • Extremely energy efficient
  • Easy to retrofit a home with a gas furnace with a heat pump


  • Don’t do well in temperatures below 40 degrees
  • Require a form of backup heat for really cold days

Best for: Homeowners who want to improve their heating energy efficiency without the hassle of installing a 98% AFUE furnace

Gas Boiler

Boilers operate a little differently than heat pumps and furnaces. Rather than a forced-air system (air is blown through ducts in the home), boilers use hot water and steam to heat your home.


  • Almost silent. With no fan blowing air, boilers are very quiet.
  • Keeps a good level of humidity in the air. Boilers add humidity to the air as they heat, keeping your home more comfortable.
  • Can add radiant heating so the floors aren’t cold to walk on.


  • Much more expensive to install than a furnace or heat pump.
  • Typically less efficient than other forms of heating.

Best for: Those who are replacing an existing boiler and don’t want to add ducts to their home.

The best heating option for your home

Hopefully this quick overview helped inform you on the types of heating systems available in Kansas City.

Of course, the best heating option depends mostly on your home.

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