What to Check on Your Thermostat Before Calling a Pro

If your thermostat or home HVAC system isn’t performing, there are a few things you can look at to quickly diagnose whether the problem needs a professional. Let’s look at what to check on your thermostat before calling a pro.

Is the thermostat responsive?

First you want to look at your thermostat to see if it’s got power or if it is unresponsive. Most homes today have some kind of a digital thermostat so it should be easy to tell.

Thermostat is not responsive

When the display is dark, replace the batteries or check for a blown fuse or tripped breaker in your electrical panel. If the display is still dark, shut off the power at the breaker and remove the cover of the thermostat. If it’s dirty, use a soft brush or canned air to clean it as grime could affect functionality. Check for loose terminal screws that can be tightened. Replace the cover and see if it’s working again. 

If the wiring beneath the cover is loose or corroded, STOP! When it comes to wiring, that’s the end of the line for DIY. Call a professional.

Thermostat has power

If your thermostat display is lit up, you know it has power. That means something else is causing the issue, whether it’s the temperature in the room not matching the setting or the system not kicking on at all. Here’s what to check out if your thermostat has power but isn’t working.

Is the thermostat on?

No judgement here, sometimes things happen. Maybe you turned it off yourself, maybe it was a family member, roommate, or ghost. Whatever happened, it’s surprisingly easy to overlook something as simple as checking whether it’s powered up, because it rarely gets turned off. Still, give it a check before turning to more in-depth investigations.

Switch the fan setting

Turn the fan to “on” to troubleshoot. You should always have your HVAC fan set to “AUTO” at your thermostat, which means the fan will turn on automatically as needed when the furnace or air conditioner is running. When your system isn’t working, check for issues by flipping the thermostat fan setting to “ON.” If the fan doesn’t kick on, you could have an issue related to the power supply somewhere else in the system.

When that happens, check your circuit breaker. If the circuit breaker controlling the system is “OFF,” something has kicked it. You can reset the switch from there – often it’s enough to fix the problem but if the circuit switches off again, you’ll need to call a professional. 

Call the pros at Santa Fe Air

Our Kansas City HVAC professionals know all kinds of systems inside and out, so give us a call if your HVAC system or thermostat is acting up. Now that you know what to check on your thermostat before calling a pro, you can feel secure giving us a call! We pride ourselves on providing prompt, quality service throughout the area.