The biggest A/C maintenance lie homeowners fall for

It’s the start of an already warm summer. You get home from work, open the door to your house and are greeted instantly by a wave of hot air. Something’s not right with your A/C unit, and your skin already feels like it’s baking in the humid, Kansas City heat.

We don’t exactly know why you did it, but this time you decided to call someone other than your friendly techs and repair team at Santa Fe Air to come check out your home’s A/C system. The deal you read about in the Yellow Pages or online almost seemed too good to be true. Sadly, as you will soon find out: it was.

The lie

When you inspect your bill from “The Other Guy’s” service statement, you notice there are only a few lines on the bill, and one of them is a line item for something most likely called an “A/C recharge fee.” This recharge fee was also most likely directly followed by a line on the bill for some type (and seemingly large amount) of refrigerant — often called “Freon,” after the most famous Dupont brand of coolant.

You see, when “the other guy’s” A/C technician got to your house he didn’t make you doubt that he knew exactly what he was talking about. After all, he checked out your inside and outside systems and hoses, just like you’d have expected him to, and upon talking to you after the inspection process the tech mentioned that your A/C system needed to be re-filled (or, recharged). “It’s a simple, fairly in-expensive process,” he said.

The bill you now have in your hands sure enough isn’t that expensive, considering the full cost of a full replacement of an A/C system, so you just shrug and go on your way. The system you had in place had just used up all it’s cooling liquid, which makes sense to you, like a car that had run out of gas. All you really care about is that your home is cool again, and you sleep well night after night.

…Until, that is, a few weeks later and you come home — expecting to be greeted from your walk outside to inside by the sweet, refreshing cool breeze of your central A/C unit — only to feel that oh-too-familiar slap in the face of warm, stale air.

Your A/C unit isn’t working again, and now one “simple” bill for repair just became 2. Or possibly 3. Or more!

The truth

The fact is your home A/C unit, just like your home’s refrigerator and your car’s A/C system does, indeed, need a cooling refrigerant (“Freon”) to run properly. Without getting too technical, all the A/C systems you use on a daily basis use a coolant product that changes from a liquid to a gas — and back again — in order to remove heat from your home, your fridge and your car.

When you came home to a warm house one evening, the reason for it being so warm (in this scenario at least) was that the coolant in your home’s A/C system was running low. “The Other Guy’s” tech was right in telling you that your system needed to be recharged. What he didn’t mention was this important fact:

Your home’s A/C unit will NEVER need to be refilled/recharged with coolant unless there is a leak somewhere in the system.

The common coolants used in all major home A/C systems don’t evaporate and they don’t get spent like gasoline, propane or any type of fuel. It simply turns into a gas and then back into a liquid in a lossless process of removing heat. If your A/C unit is low on coolant it DOES need to be re-filled. But, most importantly, it ALSO needs to be checked for leaks, as that is the only way your system has lost a significant amount of coolant.

The solution

Lucky for you (and your wallet), Santa Fe Air offers all kinds of services and maintenance for your home and business. And, lucky for you our repair technicians will always be upfront and honest with you about what’s going on with your system. This includes not feeding your system more of a liquid coolant, which is only going to get lost again over time due to the origin of the problem never being fixed.

If you come home anytime this summer to a warm home due to a faulty A/C unit, skip the hassle and lies of “The Other Guys” and go right to your friendly, locally-owned and managed Santa Fe Air. We take pride in not just fixing your HVAC problems on the surface, but digging deeper and solving all the issues causing them, too. Your home is important, but your own, personal comfort is what drives us to do what we do.

Don’t fall for the lie of a home A/C coolant recharge. Call Santa Fe Air today, and get nothing but the whole truth.

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