The Best Energy-Saving Light Bulbs for Your Kansas City Home

Okay, so hear us out. What if we told you there were bulbs that offer the same amount of light and expel less energy than traditional incandescent bulbs? 

Seriously, they’re out there and probably at your local Kansas City hardware store.

Our licensed electricians at Santa Fe Air are always pushing ways to save energy each and every day. Not only do we want our customers to preserve the environment, we also want to help them spend less on energy bills.   

Halogen incandescent bulbs

Halogen incandescent bulbs are slightly better traditional incandescent bulbs, and they meet the federal minimum energy standard. They come in multiple sizes and colors to fit different lighting fixtures around your home. While they are great energy-saving alternatives, there are still options that are a little bit better to save energy. 

Compact fluorescent lamps (CFLs)

CFLs don’t use the same technology as halogen and traditional incandescent lighting. These spiral-shaped bulbs require less electricity to brighten a room, so in the long run, you could save major bucks each month. 

Light-emitting diodes (LED)

LED lights are one of the most energy-efficient light bulbs on the market. Not only do they save more energy, they also last longer than traditional incandescent bulbs. Plus, they are a great option for indoor and outdoor lighting!

Smart bulbs and lighting

Smart lighting is the newest energy-saving light bulb, but it’s definitely making a huge impact.  With the help of a Wi-Fi bridge, smart lighting can dim, brighten, and shut off lights in an instant—even while you’re away from home. Electrical energy management is literally as easy as a touch of a button. 


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