The 4 most common home insulation problems in Kansas City homes

Growing tired of high gas bills from keeping your home warm and comfortable in the winter? While there are several things that could be contributing to your high utility costs, one of the most common is an insulation problem.

Below, we list the most common home insulation problems we see in Kansas City homes as well as how you can tell if your home has it.

Un-insulated air ducts

According to ENERGY STAR, up to 20% of the air that passes through your home’s ducts is lost due to hole, leaks and insufficiently insulated air ducts. That’s a lot of heat you’re paying for that never makes it into your home!

How to tell if your home has this problem: Your heating bills are high even though you have an efficient furnace. Look in the attic – can you see your ducts? They should be covered with insulation.

Uneven attic insulation

One of the most common ways of insulating a home is using blown-in fiberglass or cellulose insulation. However, if the insulation is not spread evenly across the whole attic, your home is wasting money. Here’s a good article on why this is a huge problem for you.

How to tell if your home has this problem: Your home has hot and cold spots. Look in your attic and see if you can see any areas where the insulation is lower. The insulation should be about the same height all the way across, right to the edge of the attic.

An un-insulated attic door

If the attic door is inside your home and not insulated, precious hot air is easily escaping and you’re wasting money. Even if the rest of your attic is well-insulated, hundreds of dollars a year are likely escaping through your un-insulated attic door.

How to tell if your home has this problem: Pretty simple, look above your attic door. Is there any insulation?

The wrong insulation in basements

Some homes in Kansas City have a serious problem brewing in their basement. The use of fiberglass insulation on foundation walls in the basement can create a major mold infestation. Instead, most experts recommend vapor barriers and the use of closed-cell cellulose spray-foam insulation.

How to tell if your home has this problem: This one is more difficult to diagnose. In a finished basement you may need to rip off the drywall in a small area. Mold growth on basement walls may be a sign of this insulation problem, as well.

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