Signs You Need a Heat Pump Repair in Kansas City

If you have a heat pump, you know just how important it is when it comes to warming and cooling your house. But often times, people just assume their heat pump is working properly. Trust us, you never want to assume anything when it comes to HVAC systems. 

Do Heat Pumps Work in Kansas City?

Our heat pump technicians at Santa Fe Air have seen this time and time again. Unaware customers let a problem persist, leading them to a complete replacement instead of a simple repair or maintenance plan. To avoid this, keep reading to learn the signs that you need a heat pump repair in Kansas City. 

Leaking refrigerant

Your heat pump uses refrigerant to move heat between your home and the outside. If there’s a leak, your heat pump won’t be able to heat or cool your house as effectively. As the leak worsens, refrigerant levels can become so low that the heat pump breaks down. That’s not good for you or your wallet. 

Keep an eye out for ice along the evaporating coil; that could be a sign that your refrigerant is leaking and you should call an HVAC technician right away to patch it up. 

Strange noises

Homeowners with heat pumps know sounds are going to come from the outside unit, but that doesn’t mean you should brush off every sound you hear as “normal.” Excess rattling, humming, or whistling, could mean there’s an underlying issue that requires a heat pump repair in Kansas City.  

Short cycling

A healthy heat pump will complete a full heating cycle without stopping and starting. If you notice that your heat pump turns on and off every few minutes, you should contact a technician. Short cycling can cut down the life expectancy of your heat pump by causing a lot of wear and tear. 

Stays in one mode

There’s a reversing valve that enables a heat pump to switch between cooling and heating. When there’s a problem with the valve, the heat pump gets stuck in one mode. Imagine trying to stay warm this winter while your heat pump is locked on cooling — no thanks. 

Energy bill spike

No one wants to pay a huge utility bill. If you notice that your energy bill is increasing, but you’ve been using your heat pump the exact same way, it could be a sign that your heat pump isn’t working as effectively as it was. You should definitely address the problem before you spend way too much on your bill. 

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Santa Fe Air can help with your heat pump repair

Getting your heat pump repaired by experienced HVAC technician will save you big time in the long run, especially if you know the signs you need a heat pump repair. With Santa Fe air, you’ll never have to worry about us taking shortcuts, because everything is done right the first time. Since 1981, we’ve been offering the best heat pump repair services in Kansas City. 

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