Retiring your A/C for the season

When cool weather arrives in Johnson County, your air conditioning needs change. As the temperature outside drops, you will need to start focusing on shutting down the air conditioner and prepping it for the winter months. When the time comes to do so, follow these steps:

1. Cleaning. To keep the system clean over the winter and prevent problems in the spring, you should ensure that the area around the A/C unit is clear of debris, like leaves or sticks. When the wind blows, leaves and dirt can be drawn into the unit, where they can negatively impact the system, decreasing efficiency. This step, in fact, can be done on a regular basis all year long.

2. Covering. Although experts haven’t reached a consensus about the need to cover an A/C over the winter, common sense tells you that it can be helpful to prevent dirt and moisture buildup – and it doesn’t hurt the unit. A basic A/C cover will do the job.

3. Powering Down. Shutting your air conditioner down during the fall and winter months will save you energy, because, even though you might not turn it on, it is still drawing power. Shut off the power at the outdoor circuit breaker that connects the A/C to your home’s electricity. Another benefit to the turning off the power is that you cannot accidentally turn on your system over the fall and winter months. Turning on your unit during cooler weather can damage your system.

Proper storage for your system is as important as regular maintenance. In fact, if you properly prepare your air-conditioning system for the winter months, you can save money later by avoiding having to pay for repairs.

Using these steps, you can ensure your A/C will be protected throughout the winter, and ready for action come summer. Santa Fe Air Conditioning & Heating can help with your maintenance needs. Give our expert technicians a call anytime.