Should I repair my A/C or replace it?

Warmer temperatures will be here in the near future (they were scheduled to arrive last month, but seem to have been delayed.)

That means you will soon be dusting off your air conditioner and getting it ready to keep you cool through the summer. But what if your old unit doesn’t work when you turn it on and you’re faced with the difficult question of whether you should repair your air conditioner or get a new one.

This blog is designed to help you solve that very problem. But we must first ask you a few questions.

How old is your air conditioner?

Air conditioners typically last 10-12 years, if regularly maintained. If yours is near or past that mark and it has broken down, it may be time to consider upgrading to a newer air conditioner.

Otherwise, you could end up spending money repairing your air conditioner only to have something else go wrong.

Do you have to repair your air conditioner often?

If this is the first repair you’ve ever had to do on your air conditioner, you may want to hold off on replacing it.

However, if this is just the latest in a string of air conditioning repairs, consider getting a new one. A new unit will cost more upfront but save you from having to pay for repairs every few weeks or days.

Are you going to be moving soon?

If you plan on being in your current home for awhile, upgrading to a newer, more efficient air conditioner will pay for itself in the long haul (reduced energy bills.)

But if you’re planning on moving, you won’t necessarily be able to re-coup the purchase price in reduced energy bills. (A new air conditioner can be a nice selling point if you need to sell your home quickly, though.)

How important is energy efficiency to you?

For some, going green is extremely important. If that’s you, a new air conditioner will be much more efficient than your old one.

In fact, a new air conditioner can cut your cooling costs by up to 30%. (Heat pumps reduce your energy use even further.)

It’s your decision: long-term vs. short-term benefits

Do you want to reap the long-term benefits of increased energy efficiency from a new air conditioner? Or are you content with spending less money now, but possibly paying more down the road?

Ultimately, only you can make the decision to repair your air conditioner or replace it, but these questions should help. Of course, if you have other question, you can contact us online.

Whatever you decide, Santa Fe Air can help you repair your air conditioner or replace it.