Protect your ECM blower motor

So you’ve upgraded the heating system in your home with an energy efficient furnace that has an electronically controlled motor (ECM). It was a great decision based on the dependability and the efficiency that these types of motors offer.

ECM motors do have one weakness. They do not like “dirty” power. Dirty power can be in the form of spikes, surges, and other transient voltages, as well as nearby lightning strikes. It can damage the motor module, which is where all the delicate electronics and processors are housed for the motor. While the modules do have some factory installed protection built in to them, it may not be enough to prevent damage to the motor module after repeated exposure to dirty power. Once the protector fails, the module must be rebuilt or replaced. The price range for this repair runs from $ 450 all the up to $ 900!!

The manufacturers of these motors strongly recommend additional surge protection be installed. This type of external surge protection can easily be added at a fairly reasonable fee of $ 200 or less.

Most of the furnaces and air handlers that we sell have the ECM motor in them. We also recommend that our clients get the extra motor module protection, and we offer a great warranty plan to give them extra incentive to do so. If we install the surge protector and for any reason your motor module is still damaged, we will credit the cost of the surge protector on the purchase price of a new motor module, for up to 24 months after installation of protector. It’s an easy way to protect your high efficiency equipment year after year.

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