Need an Electrical Service Upgrade?

Older homes in Overland Park certainly have charm, but there is nothing charming about an outdated electrical service panel.  At one time a 60 amp service was sufficient.  In the 60’s and 70’s a 100- amp service was enough.  Today, a 200- amp service is considered the minimum needed to run all the modern appliances and devices we use.

So, what are the signs you may need a new service panel?

* The service panel still uses fuses.  You need to purchase a new  panel. Those old fuses are called an Edison base fuse, as in Thomas Edison!

* The lights dim briefly when the  air conditioner turns on.  The accompanying voltage drop can damage sensitive electronics and air conditioner compressors.

* Is your service panel made by Zinsco or Federal Pacific Electric (FPE)?  These circuit breaker panels are unsafe. You need to purchase a new electrical service panel as soon as possible.

Want to go Green?

If you are contemplating a plug in Hybrid or all electric car, the typical circuit required is 40 amps to the charger. It could strain a 100 amp service and can cause  tripped breakers or worse. You should purchase a new electrical service panel.

Electric service panels are subject to aging just like everything else in your home.  If your panel is over 30 years old please call Santa Fe Air Conditioning  for a free inspection by one of our Master Electricians. We will  inspect your homes electrical system and make sure it’s up to modern requirements.

We are licensed and insured everywhere in the Kansas City area.