My AC is too loud

Is your air conditioner making strange noises? I’m sure it’s bugging you, especially in the middle of the summer since you run it more as the days get hotter.

If it’s gotten to the point to where you need to turn the TV volume up louder, then there’s definitely something wrong (how dare it interrupt your Netflix time!).

To help diagnose the problem, ask yourself this: “Has it always been noisy, or  did it get louder only recently?”

If it only started making strange noises recently, then there’s a mechanical problem. We’ll focus on the causes of these nasty noises.


Odd buzzing means there’s usually an electrical issue like:

  • Electrical parts may be wearing out
  • Arcing between loose wiring and electrical connections (this can cause damage to your A/C system and be a hazard).


If this noise is outside, it means there’s likely an issue with condenser fan motor bearing. The condenser fan is the big fan in your air conditioner’s outside unit (also called the condensing unit).

If the noise is inside, then there’s an issue with your inside unit’s blower.

Hissing or bubbling

These noises indicate there’s a leak somewhere in your refrigerant lines. You can confirm this is the issue If you’ve noticed the air coming out of your vents isn’t as cold anymore.

This is bad news for you because refrigerant is expensive. So the longer you wait to fix the leak, the more refrigerant you’ll need to replace and the more it will cost.


Rattling is usually caused by something shaking around in the air conditioner, usually a loose bolt, piece of tubing, panel, or spring.


An annoying click or tick means something is obstructing the condenser unit’s fan.

How to find a good central air conditioner repairman

If these noises persist, it’s best to get them fixed sooner than later. Waiting will only hurt your air conditioner, leading to a more expensive repair. Also, the noises are just darn annoying!

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