Mechanical Permits in Kansas City

Are mechanical permits important?

It’s important to pull a permit for the replacement of HVAC equipment in the Kansas City area because it is required by municipal law. Mechanical permits exist for your safety! HVAC installations involve natural gas, high voltage electricity, and venting. Any work of this type should be done by licensed professionals and inspected for safety. That’s why Santa Fe Air always ensures the proper protocols are followed and that our licensing is up to date. 

You may be thinking “it’s just a piece of paper, a permit can’t matter that much.” Let’s look into why a mechanical permit is so important, shall we?

You could literally die.

We’re not even being hyperbolic here. Cutting corners by allowing someone to install a furnace when they’re not licensed, certified, or permitted to do so is asking for danger. When you choose a licensed HVAC contractor you know without a doubt they have training, including ongoing education, and that their skills and knowledge have been tested and credentialed. 

An improperly vented furnace (or any improperly installed heat source of any kind) can create a buildup of carbon monoxide that can kill you. Carbon monoxide, or CO, is known as “the silent killer” and claims around 400 American lives each year.

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It WILL cost more in the long run

Even if you manage to save a few dollars by having an unlicensed contractor install HVAC equipment and they manage to do it without causing significant damage to your home or well-being, it’s probably going to come back and bite you someday.

If you want to be able to make an insurance claim, sell your home, or use a warranty, you’ll be out of luck. Imagine needing to make a claim on your homeowner’s insurance and finding that they require proof of permits for the new HVAC installation in your home. Are you willing to pay out of pocket instead of claim it? If you need to sell your home someday, it will have to undergo an inspection and the building inspector will find the code infractions. You will be liable for corrections before you’re able to sell the home, costing you more in the long run. Also, is it worth voiding your warranty to save a few bucks now?

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