Make sure your spring to-do list includes your A/C!

The feeling this season brings is one of our favorites. We get to experience daylight in the evenings and that rejuvenating feeling of the return flowers, trees and warm weather.  Even though we still spend about 80% of our lives indoors, it’s nice to know that we have options of going outside if we choose!

And speaking of the 80% of time you spend indoors, spring also creates some chores:

  1. Cleaning the house is the first rite of spring. Have you cleaned yours yet?  If not, don’t feel bad, you certainly are not alone.
  2. The second order of business is cleaning the air of your home. And NO that doesn’t mean spraying smelly perfumes in the air. Get a high efficient air cleaner installed on your furnace if you don’t already have one.  They can remove 99% of the allergens and impurities in the air making you feel better. And your house and HVAC equipment will stay cleaner.
  3. Get your duct work cleaned. There can be some funky stuff if those ducts, and trust us, it’s nasty and you want it out of there now!
  4. Spring is more than just cleaning, it’s also time to think about saving the planet. Invest in an Energy Star-rated HVAC system and save on your greenhouse gas emissions.
  5. Take saving the planet and the money in your wallet a step further, add a solar array to your home with that new HVAC system.  Imagine not having to pay an air conditioning electric bill for the next 30 years and saving the planet. Pretty cool, hey?

We all want to do our part to help save the planet and to have clean homes and air, but most importantly we really want to save money.  Spring is a great time to do just that too!

Regular heating and cooling tune-ups can save up to 30% on your electric and gas bills, increase equipment life and eliminate costly breakdowns.  Tax credits, manufacture rebates and Santa Fe Air’s instant rebates can save you a lot on the purchase price of a new HVAC system, and well adding solar is the best savings of all, providing FREE electricity.

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