Is a high efficiency gas furnace worth the money in Kansas?

Long story short: Yes, it’s worth it if you’re willing to wait for the high-efficiency furnace to pay itself back.

But how long does it take for a high efficiency option to pay itself back?

Here’s a simple method:

  1. Learn the extra upfront cost of the high-efficiency furnace
  2. Determine annual savings of the high-efficiency furnace
  3. Determine the payback period

Let’s go into more detail about each step.

Step 1: Learn the extra upfront cost of a high-efficiency furnace

First, get installation estimates for both:

  1. Mid-efficiency furnace (80% AFUE)
  2. High-efficiency furnace (90%+ AFUE)

A high-efficiency furnace not only costs more than a mid-efficiency furnace, but the installation cost is also higher because a new PVC flue pipe needs to be installed.

Let’s assume that the high-efficiency furnace (with installation) costs $1000 more than the mid-efficiency furnace (with installation).

Step 2: Determine annual savings of the high efficiency option

Compare how much you’ll save with a high-efficiency furnace compared to a mid-efficiency furnace each year.

Here’s where things can get very “math-y.”

So, to save you the trouble, ask for annual saving estimates for each furnace from a contractor while they’re giving you installation estimates.

For simplicity’s sake, let’s assume, that a high-efficiency furnace saves you $100 more a year compared to a mid-efficiency furnace.

Step 3: Determine the payback period

Now you know the high-efficiency furnace’s extra cost ($1000) and how much it could save you a year ($100).

Let’s calculate the payback period.

$1000/$100=10 years.

Since a furnace on average lives 18-20 years, the high-efficiency option will pay for itself with several years to spare to save you even more.

Of course, if you’re looking to move out of your home in a few years, you’d go for the mid-efficiency option.

Again, this is very, very simplistic example. We’re just giving you a method for calculating payback. So don’t take the numbers we’ve provided as gospel.

The key: find a good contractor

As you can see, the key to steps 1 and 2 are finding a good furnace installer who knows what they’re doing.

Of course, we’d love to be on your short list of furnace installers.

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