HVAC Warranty Tips: What You Should Look for in a Manufacturer Warranty

Before you purchase new HVAC equipment, you should always consider the manufacturer warranty. It could be the difference between paying tons for replacement parts or paying nothing but shipping. 

Over the years, Santa Fe Air has dealt with a lot of different HVAC warranties from a variety of manufacturers. This has given us first-hand experience on how to find a warranty that works best for our customers’ needs. Read on for some of our top HVAC warranty tips and what you should look for. 

Which parts are covered and which are not?

Don’t assume that ever part in your HVAC system is covered under your warranty. In some cases, you may find that a part isn’t covered at all. For example, if you install replacement parts that aren’t specifically manufactured for your equipment, that could void your warranty. Other times, something expensive like a compressor may not be covered simply because it may be hard to prove manufacturer error vs. installation negligence. 

How long is the warranty term?

You should always consider how long your warranty term is before you decide to buy equipment. An HVAC system could last for decades, so a warranty that only covers a couple of years probably won’t do you much good. Understanding the term can also help you plan for an extended warranty if you decide you would need more long-term coverage. 

What will void the warranty?

Voiding a warranty means your manufacturer no longer has to honor the warranty. It’s really, really unfortunate when you think your warranty is a-okay, when in reality, you’ve made a mistake. Here are a few things that could void your warranty: 

  • Getting your equipment installed by someone without a license (we don’t care what kind of “great” deal they’ve offered)
  • Failing to register your equipment within the allotted time
  • Not getting annual HVAC maintenance 
  • Failing to provide documentation for annual maintenance
  • Installing replacement parts that aren’t manufactured for your equipment 

Does the warranty cover installation and labor costs?

We’re going to be real honest here—most warranties will not cover installation or labor costs. They will provide the new parts, but you would have to pay for labor. Of course, that’s not always the case, but definitely keep that in the back of your mind. Also, poor installation on parts in good condition probably won’t be covered either. That’s why it’s beneficial to hire a licensed HVAC technician who offers an installation/labor warranty. 

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