HVAC Licensing Standards

HVAC License Information

At a state level, neither Kansas or Missouri requires a license to work as an HVAC contractor. That doesn’t make it a good idea to hire HVAC contractors who are not licensed. Just because the state government does not require licensed electricians or HVAC technicians, counties and municipalities have their own laws and regulations. At Santa Fe Air, we make sure we are always licensed to do the job and that we pull the right mechanical permits

License versus certification

Certified and licensed are terms that often get used interchangeably, but they are distinctly different. Certification shows you have attained a certain level of knowledge or achievement in your line of work. Licensure, on the other hand, proves that you are licensed to work in your profession. It’s a legal designation with a clear set of requirements based on the line of work in question. 

When you’re hiring an HVAC contractor, it’s always safest to go with one who is licensed

Example of HVAC license requirements

Because most towns and counties will require licensed HVAC contractors regardless of state law, it can be helpful to know what exactly it means to be licensed. For HVAC technicians in Missouri who hold a state license, for example, they must meet the following criteria based on the level of their license.

The following are the requirements for HVAC Contractors:

  • 18 years of age
  • Two years of working experience with HVAC equipment
  • Completion of the HVAC program
  • Missouri Driving License
  • Pass the HVAC contractor certification exam

The following are the requirement for HVAC journeyman contractors:

  • Completion of HVAC program
  • Two years of experience working with HVAC equipment
  • 18 years of age and a high school diploma
  • Pass HVAC journeyman certification exam

For EPA HVAC Contractors:

  • High school diploma
  • Two years of working experience with HVAC equipment.
  • Take EPA Type I and Type II exams
  • Currently enrolled in any HVAC program
  • 18 years of age

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Licenses, permits, and certifications are all requirements that exist for our safety. When you’re having any HVAC or electrical work done at your home, make sure you’re investing in the safety of your family by only hiring licensed HVAC contractors like those at Santa Fe Air!