How your duct work design influences heating efficiency

The duct work design of the air-distribution system in your Johnson County home can impact the efficiency of your heating system. There are several problems that occur with poor duct design, especially in older homes. Therefore, one of the best ways to improve the efficiency of your heat system, and thereby reducing energy use and cost, is to improve the design of your duct system.

The following problems can make your duct system less efficient:

  • Uninsulated ducts — Ducts in the attic, crawl space and garage should be insulated with at least R-5 insulation. And many older homes do not have proper insulation in these areas.
  • Incorrectly sized ducts — Ducts that are too large or too small will not carry air efficiently through the home.
  • Long ducts — The longer the ducts, the more heat that is lost as air circulates through them. Shorter ducts runs are more efficient.
  • Too few vents — Many duct systems do not have enough return and/or supply vents leading to and from each room of the house, which reduces the efficiency of your furnace – and impacts comfort as well
  • Kinks and leaks — Kinks in the duct work will restrict airflow, and leaks will cause conditioned air to leak out of the duct’s pipes, and into unwanted areas. Repair kinks and seal leaks to make your ducts more efficient.

Sealing leaks and unblocking vents can go a long way toward improving a poorly designed duct system. A professional evaluation of your home’s duct work design can help to determine whether extensive repairs, such as adding additional vents or shortening duct runs, will increase efficiency and comfort, and allow your furnace to work more efficiently, saving you energy and money, year after year.

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