How to keep your HVAC system in good shape for 2019

Here’s the bad news: If you haven’t been regularly maintaining your HVAC (heating and cooling) system, you’re spending too much on energy bills and you’re missing out on comfort.

The good news? A new year brings a fresh start, and it’s not too late to start taking care of your air conditioner, furnace or heat pump.

We’ll share 4 easy maintenance tips to keep in mind for 2018:

  1. Replace your air filter every 90 days
  2. Get your ducts sealed
  3. Don’t ignore needed repairs
  4. Schedule HVAC maintenance annually

Tip #1: Replace your air filter every 90 days

The easiest (and most important) thing you can do to keep your HVAC system in good shape is to change your filters regularly.

Why is changing your air filter so important?

Changing your air filters regularly prevents dirt from building up and creating a barrier that restricts airflow to your furnace or AC.

You see, if your HVAC system doesn’t get enough air, it could cause problems like…

  • Overheated heat exchanger (furnace)
  • Frozen evaporator coil (AC)
  • Decreased comfort, since not enough hot/cold air is being delivered into your home
  • Higher energy bills, because your HVAC system is working too hard

Don’t ever let your air filter look like the one on the right in the image below. To avoid a clogged filter, we recommend you change it at least every 90 days. In the middle of winter or summer, when your heating/cooling system is working extra hard, you might want to check/change your filter as often as every month.

Dirty Vs Clean Fiberglass Air Filter1

Tip #2: Get your ducts sealed

(Spoiler alert: This tip requires help from an HVAC professional.)

If your duct work isn’t sealed, it means your ducts have leaks. And duct leaks = wasted money. That’s because leaky duct work makes your furnace, AC or heat pump work harder than it has to, which means higher energy bills and more wear and tear on your HVAC system.

Now here’s the bad news: your duct work most likely has air leaks. According to Energy Star, the “typical” home loses 20 to 30 percent of the air that moves through the duct work to leaks, holes and disconnected ducts.

So if you want to cut back on the amount of air and money you’re wasting each month, hire a professional to seal your ducts. Duct sealing involves…

  • Using mastic sealant or metal tape to cover holes and leaks
  • Adding insulation around the ducts
  • Refitting and sealing any poorly connected ducts

Tip #3: Don’t ignore needed repairs

Smell something funny coming out of your vents? Or do you hear weird sounds coming from your air conditioner or furnace?

Don’t ignore them. Oftentimes, weird smells or noises coming from your HVAC system indicate bigger problems that need to be fixed ASAP. Acting quickly will keep your repair and monthly bills low and will guarantee your comfort when you need it most.

Bottom line: If you need a repair, contact a professional for help ASAP.

Tip #4: Schedule HVAC maintenance annually

Annual HVAC maintenance is essential to keep your heating and cooling systems in good shape.

When a technician gives your furnace, AC or heat pump a tune-up, you’ll get benefits like…

  • Better comfort
  • Lower energy bills
  • Reduced risk for breakdowns
  • Longer equipment lifespan

We recommend you get an AC tune-up in the spring and a furnace tune-up in the fall, right before cooling and heating seasons come into full swing.

Need HVAC help from a Kansas City professional?

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