How to Find an AC Refrigerant Leak: 3 Common Signs to Look For

A refrigerant leak can be detrimental to your home’s cooling capabilities. That sounded a bit dramatic, but the point is, a leak could mess with the efficiency of your AC unit. 

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If you want to learn more about how to find an AC refrigerant leak, keep reading and we’ll break down what you should look for. 

1. Your house isn’t getting cold

To be honest, there are a variety of reasons why your house stays hot during the summer. However, since your AC unit depends on refrigerant to cool warm air, blowing out hot air could be a sign of a leak. 

2. There’s a hissing noise

The wires that hold refrigerant have high pressure levels. So when there’s a leak, it could cause a hissing sound to come from your unit. The idea is fairly similar to when you blow up a balloon and slowly let the air out. 

3. Utility bills are sky high

The key to a low utility bill is minimizing energy consumption. Most people do this by keeping their temperature set to around 78 degrees in the summer. But for those with a refrigerant leak, that 78 degree setting can still feel like 85. As a result, you may keep lowering your thermostat, causing your AC to always run (yet still not work right). Not only does your comfort take a hit, your pockets could also face the consequences. 

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