How often does a gas furnace need to be serviced?

how often a gas furnace should be maintained

Gas furnaces should be serviced at least once a year—preferably before the heating season hits.

Because temperatures in the Kansas City area start to drop in October, we recommend scheduling your furnace maintenance in September or early October.

So, why does a gas furnace need servicing annually?

Well, a furnace tune-up prevents problems like:

  1. Carbon monoxide poisoning
  2. Expensive winter energy bills
  3. A voided warranty

Let’s go into more detail about each of these issues…

A furnace tune-up visit can prevent…

Carbon monoxide poisoning

During a yearly furnace tune-up, a technician can make sure your furnace isn’t leaking any carbon monoxide. Carbon monoxide is an odorless, poisonous gas that can cause serious illness and death.

You see, when a furnace uses gas to create heat, one of the byproducts of the combustion process is carbon monoxide.

During normal operation, carbon monoxide and other harmful gases safely exit your home via the exhaust stack (pictured below).

gas furnace components
Parts of a gas furnace

However, your furnace can develop leaks due to overheating and normal wear and tear. If your furnace has leaks, then the carbon monoxide can leak into your home’s air stream.

When a technician performs a tune-up on your furnace, they’ll inspect your furnace exhaust systemheat exchanger and combustion chamber to see if you have any leaks.

If you do have any leaks, the tech will recommend repair options, and explain the cost to repair the furnace part.

Expensive winter energy bills

Annual furnace tune-ups improve the efficiency of your furnace. The more efficient your furnace is, the less energy it requires to heat your home, which means you’ll spend less on energy bills.

The reason a tune-up improves your furnace’s efficiency is because the technician will clean and lubricate all furnace parts, which makes them run more smoothly and reduces friction.

Additionally, a professional will check for problems like soot buildup or a clogged filter that make your furnace work harder to heat your home.

A voided warranty

Most furnace manufacturers will void a homeowner’s warranty if the furnace hasn’t been maintained annually by a professional.

Why? Well, parts are more likely to break down if they haven’t been maintained, and manufacturers simply can’t guarantee the performance of neglected equipment and parts.

So, if your gas furnace breaks down and you need a replacement part, you’ll need to prove to the manufacturer that your furnace had annual maintenance before they will replace the faulty part.

Pro tip: When you get a furnace tune-up, do these 2 things:

  • Make sure the tune-up is performed by a licensed HVAC technician
  • Obtain a receipt of the tune-up, with a detailed list of what the technician inspected during the maintenance visit

Ready to schedule your annual furnace tune-up?