How much does it cost to install a thermostat in Kansas City?

On average, the cost to install a thermostat in Kansas City ranges from $200 to $300+.

But what you’ll actually pay depends on these 2 factors:

  1. The type of thermostat you get
  2. Labor fees

Let’s go into more detail about each of these cost points…

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Cost factor #1: The type of thermostat you get

The 3 main types of thermostats, from least expensive to most expensive, are…

  1. Manual thermostats
  2. Programmable thermostats
  3. Electronic smart thermostats

We’ll explain how each of these thermostats differ…

Manual thermostats

manual thermostat is your basic, run-of-the-mill temperature controller. These thermostats are controlled by adjusting 2 small levers to either the “HEAT,” “COOL,” or “OFF positions, as well as the fan on or off positions.

Some manual thermostats are digital, which means you push buttons that control the temperature on-screen. These are a little easier to use than the manual non-digital thermostats and they’re usually more accurate (within 1°), but they’re also more expensive.

Pros of manual thermostat…

  • The cheapest type of thermostat available, $25–$60, not including installation

Cons of manual thermostat…

  • Non-digital models are more difficult to use and have a clunkier design
  • The non-digital models are not as accurate in gauging and controlling temperature

Programmable thermostats

Programmable thermostats are all digital, but come in various styles and appearances. The main benefit of a programmable thermostat is that it can adjust your home’s thermostat automatically to save you money on your energy bills.

In fact, according to, programmable thermostats can save you up to 10% annually on energy bills.

So how does a programmable thermostat know when to adjust your thermostat and to what temperature? You simply program in certain schedules telling the thermostat when (and how much) to adjust your home’s temperature.

So, yes, programmable thermostats can save you money BUT that’s only if you set them the “right” way.

In order to save 10% on your annual heating/cooling bill, follow these tips:

  • In the winter: set your programmable thermostat 7°–10° lower than what you normally keep the temperature to, for 8 hours every day
  • In the summer: set your programmable thermostat 7°–10° higher than what you normally keep the temperature to, for 8 hours every day

Pros of programmable thermostats…

  • Easy-to-use, sleek design
  • Energy efficient (saves you $$ on your monthly energy bills)

Cons of programmable thermostats…

  • More expensive upfront than a manual thermostats, $90–$150, not including installation

Electronic smart thermostats

You can think of electronic smart thermostats as programmable thermostats that program themselves.

We’ll explain: Once you install a smart thermostat and turn it on, it will automatically start to learn your heating/cooling daily schedule patterns. After a week, you won’t need to set it anymore: it will change itself to the appropriate temperature based on whether you’re at home, work or sleeping to maximize energy savings.

Smart thermostats also connect to your home’s WiFi, which means you can control your thermostat from a tablet or smartphone when you’re away from home.

Pros of smart thermostats…

  • Energy efficient (saves you $$ on your monthly energy bills)
  • Easy-to-use, sleek design
  • Can be controlled via smartphone or tablet through WiFi
  • Offers other features like outside weather detection

Cons of smart thermostats

  • They are the most expensive type of thermostat, most run anywhere from $200 to $300+, not including installation

Cost factor #2: Labor fees

Once you choose the thermostat you want for your home, you’ll need to consider the cost to install the thermostat (labor fees). Since all thermostats deal with electricity, we recommend having a professional install it for you for safety reasons.

Most HVAC professionals charge anywhere from $50 to $100+ to install a new thermostat. It usually takes a professional 1–2 hours to install a new thermostat.

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