How much does it cost to install a central A/C in Kansas City?

The cost to install a new air conditioner in the Kansas City Metro area ranges from $3,500 to $7,500+, with the average cost being $4,300.

Of course what you’ll pay depends on the following factors…

  • The size of the AC you need
  • The AC efficiency you choose
  • Special AC features you add
  • Installation factors

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Factor #1: The size of the AC you need

The “bigger” the air conditioner you get, the more it will cost.

When we talk about air conditioner size, we’re not referring to the physical size of the unit itself, but rather its tonnage.

You see, air conditioner size is measured in tonnage (or “tons” for short), with most residential AC’s ranging from 2.5 to 5 ton.

Buyer’s tip: Don’t pick out an AC until an HVAC professional performs a heat load calculation in order to determine what size you need. A professional should include this calculation as part of the estimate they give to install your AC.

A heat load calculation takes into account factors like…

  • The square footage of your home
  • How many people live in your home
  • The number of windows and doors
  • How well insulated your home is
  • The orientation of your home (east, west, south, north)
  • And much more

If you don’t have a professional perform this calculation, you could end up with an AC that’s too big or too small for your home.

Here’s why correct size matters:

  • If your AC is too big it will short cycle, which means it will turn on and off frequently. Short cycling wears down your AC equipment and can lead to early breakdowns.
  • If your AC is too small, it will run longer to cool your home which means higher energy bills and uncomfortable temperatures.

Factor #2: The AC efficiency you choose

The more efficient your AC, the more expensive it will be.

Air conditioner efficiency is measured in SEER (Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio). The higher the SEER, the more efficient the air conditioner.

You can think of SEER like miles per gallon (MPG) for a car:

  • The higher MPG a car gets, the more it costs but the lower its operational costs (i.e. gas).
  • The higher the SEER, the more expensive the AC but the lower its operational costs (i.e. electricity).

Most residential AC units range from 14 to 25 SEER, with 14 SEER being the federal minimum requirement.

Factor #3: Special AC features you add

When you buy an AC, you can add special features (for a price) to the system. The more special features you add, the higher the installation cost.

Some special AC features to consider include:

  • Variable speed cooling: A variable-speed blower runs at multiple speeds instead of just OFF or ON. This saves you money on your monthly energy bills, but it will cost more upfront.
  • Noise reduction features like insulation around the compressor, dampening strips and quiet fan blades add more to the upfront cost of what you’ll pay for a new air conditioner.

Air quality features like high-efficiency filters, humidifiers and UV air purifiers cost extra, but will improve your home’s comfort level.

Factor #4: Installation factors

The following installation factors will affect the cost to install a new air conditioner:

  1. The condition of your home’s duct work: If your duct work needs to be modified or replaced to accommodate the new air conditioner, then the overall cost for the installation will increase.
  2. The location of your air handler: If your indoor air handler in is a hard-to-reach location (like a crawl space), it may make take longer to install, which will raise the price of the project.
  3. The contractor you choose: The better the contractor, the more they’ll likely charge for their AC installation services. But don’t let that deter you from hiring a good contractor—you’ll get what you pay for. If you opt for a lower priced but less-than-stellar contractor, they may cut corners which could cause problems for your AC system down the road.

To find a good contractor, make sure…

  • They’ve been in business for 10+ years
  • They’re licensed and insured
  • They have good online customer reviews (Yelp, Better Business Bureau, Google)
  • They have an office building (not just operating out of a truck)
  • They provide you a written quote for the install, so you can hold them to a price

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