How much does an A/C repair cost in Kansas City?

The cost to repair an air conditioner in Kansas City ranges from $150 to $1,200+, with an average price of $300.

That’s sort of a big price range, huh? Well, that’s because what you’ll pay depends on the following factors:

  1. The type of AC repair needed
  2. Your AC warranty
  3. The contractor you hire

We’ll go into more detail about each of these factors, and we’ll also share some quick DIY tips you can try before you call a pro.

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Factors that affect the cost to repair an AC

#1: The type of AC repair

AC repairs differ in price—some are more expensive than others. And the only way to get an accurate idea of what you’ll pay is to have a professional inspect your air conditioner and diagnose the problem.

But to give you an idea of what you could pay, we’ll share this list of common Kansas City AC repairs:

  • Repairing thermostat: $60 to $250
  • Repairing fan motor: $100 to $300
  • Fixing capacitor: $90 to $400
  • Fixing circuit board: $120 to $600
  • Detecting and repairing refrigerant leak: $225 to $1,600
  • Repairing evaporator coil: $650 to $1,200
  • Repairing AC compressor: $1,350 to $1,800

#2: Your AC warranty

If you have a valid AC warranty, then you may not have to pay as much for your air conditioner repair.

You see, most standard AC warranties from the manufacturer will cover repairs for smaller parts within 1–5 years from the installation date. More expensive parts like the compressor are usually covered for 10 years. And depending on your warranty, the labor to replace the faulty part may also be covered.

But, like we said in the beginning, your warranty needs to be valid. A valid warranty means…

  1. You registered your AC with the manufacturer when it was installed. If the manufacturer has no record of your AC, then they can’t honor the warranty.
  2. You hired a professional to maintain your air conditioner annually. If your AC hasn’t been regularly maintained (specifically by a licensed HVAC professional), then the manufacturer may not honor the warranty.

Want to know what repairs are covered? Well, you’ll need to find your warranty.

Don’t know where your warranty is? Start by going to the manufacturer’s website and searching for your AC model number.

If you can’t find the warranty online, try contacting the manufacturer for help or reach out to the contractor who first installed your AC. They may still have your warranty info.

#3: The contractor you hire

Not all AC contractors charge the same for their services. And what’s worse is that when homeowners ask about pricing, techs often use confusing terms that aren’t helpful.

To prevent any sticker shock when you receive the AC repair bill, we’ve listed some HVAC cost terms you might hear when talking to HVAC pros:

  • Service fee: Also called the “diagnosis fee” or “trip charge fee”. This is the fee contractors charge to visit your home and diagnose the problem. The fee ranges from $75–$100. Some contractors will waive this fee if you hire them to do the repair, and some contractors won’t charge this fee altogether.
  • Hourly rate: Some contractors charge by the hour, which includes the cost of the replacement part (if needed) and the number of hours it took to do the repair. An hourly rate is usually calculated after the job.

For example, let’s say a contractor replaced a bad fan motor, and it took them 2 hours to do the job. They could charge $150 for the fan motor itself, plus $150 for 2 hours of labor ($75 per hour) for a total cost of $300.

  • Flat rate: If a contractor doesn’t charge by the hour, then they probably charge a fixed, upfront fee for a repair. A flat rate is usually calculated before the job.

For example, to replace a bad fan motor, a contractor could charge $300—even if the job took them 3 hours.

When you hire a professional, be sure to ask how they charge for their services so there are no surprises when you get the bill.

And be sure to find a contractor who…

  • Has been in business 10+ years
  • Offers guarantees on their work
  • Is licensed and insured
  • Has good online customer reviews (Google, Yelp, Better Business Bureau)

Before you call a pro, try these quick DIY repairs

#1: Make sure your thermostat is set correctly

We know it may sound silly, but check to make sure your thermostat is set to COOL and not HEAT.

Also, make sure your thermostat is set to AUTO, and not ON. If your AC is set to ON, it will run non-stop which will raise your monthly energy bills.

Make sure your thermostat is set to COOL and AUTO.

#2: Check your AC breaker

Was there a power outage recently? Sometimes when the power turns back on, the sudden rush of electrical current can cause an circuit to trip. Check your electrical panel and flip the breaker if your AC has tripped.

Look for the breaker marked “A/C” ,“AC”, or air conditioner

Note: If your AC circuit breaker keeps tripping after you reset it, don’t keep resetting it. Call a professional to diagnose and fix the issue.

#3: Change your air filter if it’s dirty

Believe it or not, a dirty air filter can “suffocate” your air conditioner, which can lead to issues like…

  • No (or little) air coming from your vents
  • AC blowing warm air
  • Puddles of water around your air handler (from melting ice that formed around the evaporator coil)

If you tried these methods and your AC still isn’t working, it’s time to call a professional…

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