How much does a furnace repair cost in Kansas City?

When homeowners in Kansas City ask us how much a furnace repair costs, this is what we tell them:

The cost to repair a furnace in Kansas City ranges from $150 to $900+, but the average price is around $475.

As you can see, the price for a repair can vary. What you’ll actually pay for the repair depends on these 4 factors:

  1. The type of furnace you have
  2. What’s wrong with your furnace
  3. If your furnace warranty is valid
  4. The contractor you hire to do the repair

Let’s analyze these factors in more detail…

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Cost factor #1: The type of furnace you have

Furnaces use either gas or electricity as a fuel source. Gas furnaces are typically more expensive to repair than electric furnaces.

  • The average cost range for a gas furnace repair: $300 to $900+
  • The average cost range for an electric furnace repair: $200 to $500+

Gas furnaces repairs usually cost more than electric furnace repairs because their components are more complex (see image below of the many parts that make up a gas furnace).

Cost factor #2: What’s wrong with your furnace

Repairing a furnace is a lot like repairing a car: you never know how much your specific problem will cost until a mechanic looks at your car, right?

The same goes for your furnace—you could have a relatively cheap repair, like fixing a flame sensor or you can have an expensive repair like replacing a heat exchanger.

Below is a list of common furnace repairs and how much they cost:

  • Broken thermostat repair: $50–$200+
  • Flame sensor fix: $80–$250+
  • Blower motor repair: $150–$450+
  • Replacing faulty igniters: $300–$400+
  • Heat exchanger repair: $100–$200, but if it needs to be replaced entirely, the cost raises to $1,000+.

Note: If your tech tells you that you need a new heat exchanger, it may be cheaper to just replace your whole furnace. 

Cost factor #3: If your furnace warranty is valid

Warranties can cover some of the expense to repair or replace certain furnace parts. Some warranties cover specific parts anywhere from 1 to 10 years (up to 20 years for the heat exchanger).

Note: Most warranties only cover the cost to replace a part—not the labor to replace or repair it.

However, to get any help from the manufacturer, you’ll need to make sure your warranty is valid.

To keep a furnace warranty valid, most manufacturers require that…

  • You registered your furnace with the manufacturer when you first installed the furnace
  • You had your furnace maintained regularly by a professional who followed the manufacturer’s requirements

If you didn’t do these things, your warranty is likely void. To find out if your warranty will cover a repair, you’ll need to look online for the manufacturer’s warranty or contact the contractor who first installed your furnace.

Cost factor #4: The contractor you hire

When you go to hire a furnace contractor, you should be aware how they charge for their services, as that will affect how much you’ll pay for the repair.

Most contractors charge…

  • A service fee, which can range from $50 to $200. This is the fee to visit your home and diagnose the problem (but does NOT include the cost to fix the problem). However, many contractors will waive this fee if you hire them to fix your furnace in that same visit.
  • By the hour OR by a fixed rate. Contractors who charge by the hour bill you for every hour of labor plus the cost of the replacement part. On the other hand, contractors who charge a fixed rate will give you an upfront, pre-determined price that lumps the repair parts plus estimated hours of labor together.
    • Example of a job charged by the hourContractor A charges $75 per hour for labor. The blower motor itself costs $300. The job took 2 hours for the tech to complete, which means after the repair is complete, the tech charges you $450.
    • Example of a job charged with a fixed rateContractor B charges $400 upfront for all blower motor repairs—no matter how long it takes. So if the tech takes 3 hours to replace the motor, the cost would still be $400.
    • Ask for a written estimate from your contractor so you’re aware of how they charge for their services, which will help you budget.
  • Based on their quality. When it comes to a furnace repair, you get what you pay for. Higher quality contractors usually charge more for their services, but they do a better job which prevents you from having the same (or worse) furnace trouble down the road.
    • Our recommendation is to find a contractor who is licensed, insured and has good customer satisfaction (which you can check online through customer reviews on sites like Yelp, Google and Better Business Bureau).

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