How much does a furnace maintenance cost in Kansas City?

On average, you can expect to pay anywhere from $50 to $200+ to have your furnace maintained in Kansas City.

Wondering why the price can vary within that range?

Well, the cost for furnace maintenance can vary depending on:

  1. What’s included in the maintenance checklist
  2. The contractor you choose

Let’s go into more detail about each of these factors…

Need furnace maintenance?

Cost factor #1: What’s included in the maintenance checklist

The more furnace components a tech tests or cleans, the greater the maintenance fee will likely be.

But the more a tech inspects, the better off your furnace will be in the long run.

You see, regular furnace maintenance prevents breakdowns that require expensive furnace repairs, and maintenance also improves your furnace’s energy efficiency (which means lower energy bills).

So when you’re looking at different heating companies to provide furnace maintenance, you’ll want to ask them what the tech will do during a maintenance visit.

According to ENERGY STAR, a tech should perform the following tasks during a typical furnace maintenance visit:

  • Check thermostat settings
  • Tighten all electrical connections
  • Lubricate all moving parts
  • Check the furnace condensate drain to clear any clogs
  • Test and inspect all furnace controls
  • Verify that the gas pressure, burner combustion and heat exchanger are all working properly
  • Change dirty air filter

If you speak with a contractor and they don’t offer those services during a maintenance visit, you’ll want to look at a different heating company.

And speaking of heating contractors…

Cost factor #2: The contractor you choose

As a general rule, higher-quality heating contractors charge more for their maintenance services.

But high-quality contractors also do good work. So don’t let a higher-priced contractor scare you away. Instead, simply ask them why their prices are higher than other companies to determine if they are worth the cost.

Avoid heating companies that offer a low-priced maintenance fee. These contractors usually only do a quick inspection and they won’t test or clean any furnace components. And some of these contractors will use that low maintenance price just to get you in the door and then try to up-sell you on equipment or repairs you don’t really need.

To find a high-quality heating contractor, do these things:

  • Make sure they are licensed and insured
  • Verify they have good customer reviews on sites like GoogleYelp and Facebook
  • Ask what’s included in their furnace maintenance checklist and compare it to the ENERGY STAR list we shared above

Note: As you look at different HVAC companies to get furnace maintenance, each contractor may use terms like tune-up or check-up to describe their furnace maintenance service.

Want to save money on HVAC tune-ups? Consider a maintenance plan

In addition to a one-time maintenance visit, some HVAC contractors offer an annual maintenance plan, where you pay a monthly (or one-time annual) fee to receive added discounts and services.

When you purchase the one-time visit, that’s all you get. But with a maintenance plan, you get added benefits like:

  • An additional tune-up for your AC system
  • Discounts on furnace and AC repairs
  • Discounts on HVAC system upgrades
  • Reduced trip fee charges

Because of these added benefits, joining a maintenance plan is often a better deal than just paying for a one-off visit. Ask the contractor you want to hire if they offer a maintenance plan.

Need a furnace tune-up?

We’ll send one of our trusted heating techs to thoroughly inspect your furnace. When they perform furnace maintenance, all of our techs follow an extensive checklist that covers all the items on the ENERGY STAR checklist and more.