How Long Should an Air Conditioner Compressor Last?

In general, an air conditioner compressor can last for 10 to 15 years. But here’s the catch: you have to make sure you take care of the unit. 

All too often, our HVAC technicians at Santa Fe Air find that people overwork their compressor without giving it some much needed TLC. We don’t want that to be you. Instead, keep reading to learn more about how to get your unit to last at least a decade. 

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Schedule yearly maintenance 

You never want to get a new unit then ignore it until it stops working. More than likely, you’ll find that your AC won’t last as long as it should, and that only leads to a premature replacement. To avoid this, yearly tune ups ensure your compressor is in tip-top shape. 

Inspect your AC unit before the summer starts

If you want to ensure your compressor lasts for years to come, you’ll want to do an inspection before summer goes into overdrive. This will include checking everything that’s associated with cooling circulation such as the: 

  • Thermostat
  • Insulation
  • Condensate drain
  • Air filter
  • Circuit breakers

Don’t ignore signs of damage

Out of sight out of mind, right? Wrong. If you see, smell, or hear something off with your compressor, then call your local HVAC technician right away. Some signs are minor and don’t mean anything while others could lead to major damage. Remember, a repair is always easier and cheaper than a full replacement. 

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