How Can I Save Energy During the Holiday Season?

For a lot of homeowners (especially those who love to get into the holiday spirit), energy bills spike in November and December. Outdoor lights, blow up reindeer, and sparkling Christmas trees can really take a toll on how much electricity you’re using.

However, our team at Santa Fe Air has got you covered with ways to reduce your electricity bill without compromising holiday cheer. Plus, with all the money you save, you’ll have more to find the perfect holiday gift for you or your loved ones. 

 Simply read on to learn how you can save energy during the holiday season. 

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Test out LED lights this year

LED lights are one of the most energy-efficient light bulbs on the market. Not only do they save more energy, they also last longer than traditional incandescent bulbs. Plus, they are a great option for indoor and outdoor lighting! There are a lot of LED holiday and string light options available so you can keep decorating your home without suffering the high bill. 

Sit around the fireplace

For those with fireplaces, they offer natural heat without having to keep increasing the temperature on your thermostat. When you can keep your central heating as low as possible, it won’t have to work as hard; that means, it won’t be using up as much energy. Not only are fireplaces perfect for keeping you nice and toasty, they also create a holiday environment without even trying (roasted chestnuts, anyone?)

Turn your lights off

There is no point in keeping your Christmas or other holiday lights on 24/7. That will only cause your electricity bill to go out of control. To save money on your energy bill, only click those lights on when it’s dark outside. Think of it this way: The sun is going to outshine your lights anyway, so daytime is definitely a no-go for lights. 

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Invest in a communicating thermostat

Now is the perfect time to upgrade your thermostat just in time for the holidays. Communicating HVAC systems are actually pretty cool. Different heating and cooling components tell the thermostat what they can and cannot do in terms of capacity. Then blower motors say how much air can move through the system so the thermostat can work as efficiently as possible. 

Plus, the different components can also communicate with each other to ensure every part is working to the best of its ability. As a result, this gives communicating systems a huge energy-saving advantage over its traditional counterparts.

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