Here are 3 reasons why a programmable thermostat is an excellent holiday gift!

Racking your brain for the perfect gift to give that one friend? That friend who always outdoes everyone when it comes to thoughtful gifts?

Well, we’ve got the ultimate “thoughtful” gift: a programmable thermostat.

Why? Well it’s the perfect holiday gift for 3 big reasons:

  • They offer savings that never end
  • They’re super convenient
  • They offer higher levels of comfort

Now, let’s take a closer look at each of those reasons.

They offer non-stop savings

According to, when they’re used correctly, programmable thermostats can save you up to $180 a year.

How? By automatically adjusting your thermostat’s set temperature according to a pre-set schedule that you create. For example, you can set your thermostat to automatically lower the set temperature during the hours you’re away at work/school. This prevents your furnace from producing heat when no one’s home.

And the best part? Thermostats aren’t a one-time-use-only gift. They can keep saving you $180 a year for as many years as you use it.

Now that’s the gift that keeps on giving…

They’re super convenient

Programmable thermostats allow you to completely control your thermostat decisions without you lifting a finger. Which is a pretty cool concept compared to manually adjusting your thermostat several times a day.

If you’ve ever tried to save money on heating/cooling costs without a programmable thermostat, you know how difficult it can be. It’s tough to remember to turn down the set temperature before you leave the house or before you go to bed. And nothing is worse than being on the verge of sleep and remembering that you didn’t adjust the thermostat.

But with a programmable thermostat that’s all a thing of the past. Instead, your thermostat automatically adjusts itself according to what you’ve programmed it to. You get to set your schedule then never think about your thermostat again.

They boost indoor comfort levels

When you set your programmable thermostat’s schedule, you can make sure that you never come home to a cold house in the winter or a hot, stuffy house in the summer.

Let’s say that you want to cut your heating costs by lowering your set temperature while you’re away at work. And let’s say you leave your house at 8am and come home around 5:30pm. Well, to ensure that you’re never uncomfortable in your own home, you can set the thermostat to lower the temperature at 8am so that you aren’t cold while you’re getting ready. And you can set the temperature to bump back up around 5pm so that your home is comfortably warm by the time you come home.

And of course, you can change any pre-set program for vacations or new schedules for flexibility.

Want to learn more about programmable thermostats?

Wondering if programmable thermostats are the right gift? Or if they’d work for your lifestyle?

Just contact us. We’ll answer all your questions and help you determine if a programmable thermostat is right for you (or your friend). Need an expert installer? We can do that, too!