Provide Hot Water For Your Home With A Solar Water Heater

December 01, 2011

A solar-powered water heater, also referred to as a solar domestic water system, is a cost-effective means of fulfilling your home's hot water needs. Since up to 25 percent of the average home’s annual energy consumption is used to power domestic hot water heaters, Johnson County homeowners will find a solar-powered system to be a cost-saving investment. To begin, it's important to assess your home's site and select the right type of system.

Solar Site Assessment

Your home’s site will need to be evaluated to determine its available solar resources. The design choices and efficiency of your system will depend on how much solar energy can be accessed from your home’s location. If your home’s site has sunny areas, especially those facing south, a solar water-heating system can usually be implemented. Under ideal circumstances, most if not all of the energy needs of your hot water heater can be provided using a solar-powered system.

Solar System Options

Solar power has become much more available for use in residential applications, with the following three types of solar collectors available:

  • The flat-plate collector is composed of an insulated, weatherproof box containing an absorber plate to collect the sun's rays.
  • The integral collector-storage system is composed of a solar collector and an insulated box containing one or more black tanks or tubes. Water is preheated as it passes through this collector before flowing into the conventional backup water heater.
  • The evacuated-tube solar collector can work in residential applications but is more frequently used for U.S. commercial applications. This system contains rows of glass tubes with attached fins that are specially coated to absorb solar energy, while at the same time reducing heat loss.

Our specially trained service advisors can furnish a detailed site analysis and calculations indicating what percentage of your annual energy requirements can be provided through the use of a solar powered system.

Contact Santa Fe Air Conditioning & Heating if you are interested in the benefits of installing a solar-powered water-heating system in your home. We look forward to assisting you in the selection of the system that will best suit your needs.