Heat pump isn’t working correctly

If Your Heat Pump Is Not Working Properly, Try These Troubleshooting Tips

Because a well-functioning heat pump is key to maintaining the comfort of your home, being able to troubleshoot common HVAC system problems is a valuable, time-saving skill. The tips below will lead you through the necessary steps to find and fix common problems, while helping you decide if you need to call an HVAC contractor.

Troubleshooting the power

  1. If your indoor unit has a power switch, be sure it is on “on”.
  2. Make sure the front service panel or blower door is on and secure.
  3. Check that the electrical circuit breaker is fully in the “on” position. Reset it by turning it completely off, and then back on.

Troubleshooting the thermostat

  1. Is the system’s selector on “heat”?
  2. Is the temperature set point at least three degrees higher than the inside temperature?
  3. If your heat pump has a button or switch to control the indoor fan, switch it to “on”. If the indoor unit’s power is on but the fan does not come on, or if no air comes from the supply registers and the fan is not running, you may have a bad capacitor, blower motor, or other control issue.

Troubleshooting the thermostat

  1. If the unit is running but cold air is being blown into your home, wait a few minutes to see if the air heats up after powering the system down and back up.
  2. Is the outdoor unit built up with ice? The defrost timer or controller may have failed because of ice buildup, which can leave the system stuck in defrost mode. If ice has built up, you should call an HVAC professional.

Perform some heat pump troubleshooting steps on your own before you call an expert. However, most problems with heat pumps require electrical and mechanical expertise, so you’ll most likely professional assistance. Santa Fe Air Conditioning & Heating has the necessary expertise and experience, and is qualified to help with all your HVAC needs. If you want a professional assessment of your heat pump or if you have any questions, feel free to contact us.